Jeidiah Brown vs Kenneka Jenkins Step Dad James Coleman [Words from a convicted murderer on Parole step daughter found in a Freezer?]

Jedidiah don’t want no parts of jame please listen to it carefully and keep in mind James is a convicted murderer on parole. I would not want to be on the phone with him after upseting his faking grieving widow. Who just went on the radio and told the world the girl in the halls Read More

deputy Rhett Scott, deputy Michael Howell and Sgt. Lee Copeland have been indicted guess for what?

Stories like this rarely get out, and it is common, how ever if they were not charged it may have been national coverage. See how they use the media to socially enginerr the population. All invetigation should be this simple if their is video charge them if they broke the law. meaning harrassing innocent civilizians, Read More

Kenneka Jenkins mother admits “Police saw no footage of Kenneka Jenkins entering the Hotel” Is this why they used a Fake Kenneka?

I already told peopel Kenneka Jenins is not on none of that FOOTAGE………….. even the Kenneka may have been a fake. Teresa continues to spew, lies she can not get her story straight, again we all see the girl in the hall is not the same girl in her pics. However Momma T never ever Read More