#Potfs4Dummies:Ohio man arrested after streaming block party, defying stay-at-home order “Where is the outrage?””#PrissieB #Tanja”

Rashaan Davis, 25, stands charged with a second-degree misdemeanor for violating Ohio Department of Health director Amy Acton’s “stay at home order,” which commands Ohioans to keep a six-foot distance from one another and avoid leaving their homes for non-essential activities.

#POtfs4Women:Covid-19 Nurses get $100 a hr while people are getting fired “#PrissieB”

De Blasio tries to deflect blame for rapid spread of coronavirus in NYCNurse who battled coronavirus on the front lines dies from illness herselfHundreds of nurses are pouring into New York City from across the country drawn by a desire to save lives — and paychecks reaching $100 an hour. Michael Fazio, the head of Read More