#TheKennekaDeception:Pro Black #FakeCheckTV Files a online Plice report on Huggie Paccino, and she called him the AGENT? Now do you see her AGENTA?

Any one that knows the Planet of the Fakes, all we do is expose the Globalist, and their agents, and all these youtubers, makinga real death out of a Fake death, are pawns of the Globalist. Fact Check Tv, showed her hand pretty early, by not being a fact checker at all. Just another loud Read More

#TheKennekaDeception:Zack Stoner and Rahm Manuel connected by and for Gun Buy Backs, “Everybody gotta Agenta!”

Again America is being invaded and the fact, people refuse to realise the Kenneka Jenkins case is a false flag, created to usher in a soft AMrtial Law, is beyond me. Good thing it failed due to the lack of support Tereasa recieved, no entertainers, ccelebrities, or athletes came to her side, but why? Were Read More

Syrinthia Renny Haskell 12/01/17 Brix Bish 12/01/17 Erika CM 12/01/17 Jessica Liane Butler 12/01/17 Millea Levels 12/01/17 Mahalia Arrington 12/01/17 Christina Lee 12/01/17 Moriah Lynn Mlc 12/01/17 Daisy Mae 12/01/17 Debbie Adhice 12/01/17 LaTasha Richardson 12/01/17 Vanessa Dees Richardson 12/01/17 Journee Williams 12/01/17 Mary Naturalfool Watkins 12/01/17 Sharmaine Johnson 12/01/17 Kalicia Garrett 12/01/17 Phillis Trahan Read More