#FatimahsThoughts:Did Kenneka or Kendra die that night?

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Kenneka ducked off where though. Because that was Kendra died that night in the hotel freezer. Remember Irene said someone that looked like Kenneka was at the party including a lot of people they did not know. In the interview with them boys they said we was looking all over for KENDRA at the 10:23 time stamp there was a party in 609 also so maybe them people came to the wrong party. Kenneka must’ve ducked off when Kendra popped up because she knew she was about to get set up. The fb caller in the beginning said he know kenneka and could call her and some one asked him if he heard what happened to such and subh granddaughter… Irene posted kenneka and this girl picture side by side they dropping hints…… This my opinion

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