#ThekennekaDeception:Who is Melvin “Boom Boom” Martin, and why did he share a address with Tereasa Martiun at one time?

I’m not going to lie we may need to contact Maury in order to straighten out who’s father is who’s. I notice his girl friend got a domestic charge, will that show up on Split on a Dick mothers criminal record?

Again these people are nothing but trouble wrapped in a fortune cookie, they are kneck eep into criminal activities and at any time, could have flipped and became states witness’s and now agents, so becareful, thinking you have something in common with these foreigners.

Were they married, as we can see on Tereasa cake, she got a cake allegedly from her husbanat first I thought they made it for KennekthJenkins for her, since he was dearly departed. Now I’m thinklingmaybe Melvin may have sent it to her, from witness protection or something, the guys just disppeared, after beating a murder case.

How he use dept. of correction database to track down enemies?


All about Kenneka Jenkins comments