#PotfStreets:Clip from #lilbaby’s interview with #thebreakfastclub sparks concerns many fans…”#KingsOfCOntent”



bee.nykole says:

Hurt like what in prison ????!!!! I’m waiting … not “grown men fuckin grown men” kinda hurt huh 🤔

He shaking the bottle

40.five says:

Dem yerk withdraws

If you watch da nigga interview at da end he said he be uncomfortable cuz he feel like he Interrogated

My friends be messing with shit when they talk so I’m confused on how u consider it tweakin

selfpaid3_ says:

Nigga he flipped a bottle y’all niggas reach so far🤣

junior.26_ says:

Niggas can’t even fuck around w a bottle flip it n squeeze it cuhs he tweakin 🤣🤣

Them yerks have a nigga flying 😭