#PotfStreets:Yoooo all jokes Aside this is a live video WTF IS THIS IN THE SKY ??? Focus up ,…”#KingsOfCOntent”



lalomasadas says:

It’s lil uzis falt EA dropped and now aliens coming

c_.kvng says:

That’s that big owe thang on bo2 Dlc zombies 💀💀

daezydai says:

This fake pppl good at photo shop

ynw432zay says:

Somebody send me this without the water marks. Wher was this at?

lulbih.a says:

That’s ah dick .

fnl.draco says:


bigtrxll says:

Its the virus lol

i got a video of the eyes but you can’t see the body ong

d1.myri says:

Ughh okay y’all taking it a li to far😂

richforevers says:

We all going to dead Lmaooo

Calm yo dumb ass down 😂😂 that’s cgi asf

treeeezy4x says:

Shit fake ash 💯

lahmardy9 says:

The fucking iron giant

htown.kevin says:

Lmao this shit funny just cuz he mad that we don’t gaf

38tr3ll says:

we have arrived 👽

sirdominik13 says:

That’s just the sun coming in on two different sides of a clowd making it look like eyes 🤣