Terms and Conditions



1. Matters covered by these terms and conditions

2. Definitions

3. Settlement of the buying contract

4. Prices

5. Delivery/shipping terms and conditions (delivery period, delivery address, means of the delivery)

6. Responsibility for damaged and/or incomplete goods

7. Cancelation of the contract, Return and exchange policy

8. Personal Data protection

9. Final regulations of these terms and conditions



1.1. These terms and conditions state and revise rights and obligations of buyer and Amor-ica.com, during the online contract settlement on www.doubleredusa.com e-shop.



2.1 Terms defined in this article are as stated in following lines for these TERMS & CONDITIONS

2.2 E-Shop is the online shop of Amor-ica.com placed at www.Amor-ica.com, which provides an environment for buying DOUBLE RED Germany UG goods online.

2.3 Buyer is a physical or corporate body, who is interested in buying goods using E-shop and settling a buying contract with Amor-ica.com, concerning items offered in the E-Shop. Said person will also have sent a fulfilled binding order via E-Shop to Amor-ica.com.

2.4 Authorized person is a person different from buyer, stated by the buyer in the order as authorized to take over the delivery. It is sufficient to state the name of a person for authorization of said person to take over the goods.

2.5 Ordering form is an electronic form that includes personal information about the buyer, specification of ordered items (price including vat, delivery address, means of delivery, price for delivery)

2.6 Current offer of goods is an offer published online at www.Amor-ica.com which includes title of the item(s) and its price. All changes to the current offer are valid from the time they are published on www.Amor-ica.com.



3.1 The acceptance of the buying contract, on behalf of which Amor-ica.com delivers ordered items to buyer, is valid from the moment of reception of definite order by Amor-ica.com and reception of written proposal of buying contract.

3.2 Proposal for acceptance of buying contract is an order addressed to Amor-ica.com by a buyer. The order can be arranged by filling ordering form on www.Amor-ica.com and sending it via E-Shop.

3.3 The order also contains the following:

a)      Acknowledgement stating that the buyer has read and agreed without exceptions to these terms and conditions.

b)      Acknowledgement stating that the buyer was informed about hisher right to abandon the buying contract.

c)      Statement of agreement of processing buyer’s personal information by Amor-ica.com for its internal use (in accord with current legislation). If the buyer has stated personal information of third person in order to give the said person authorization to take over the delivery, the information was given with permission of this person (this person also must be acknowledged about these terms and conditions).

d)     Statement, that all information given by the buyer is true

3.4 The proposal of the buying contract is canceled when:

a)      Disapproval of the buyer’s proposal by Amor-ica.com

3.5 Acceptance of the buying contract proposal is an on-time written declaration by Amor-ica.com addressed to the buyer, in which Amor-ica.com declares that the buying contract proposal is accepted. The acceptance of buying contract proposal is valid from the moment when the buyer receives the acceptance declaration document via E-mail address (which he/she stated in the ordering form). Inactivity by Amor-ica.com does not mean acceptance of the proposal.

3.6 The buyer does not have a right to the acceptance of buying contract

3.7 Buying contract is valid from the moment of delivery of the contract agreement to the buyer. By accepting the contract, Amor-ica.com is bound to deliver ordered items to stated delivery address and the buyer is bound to take over the items at the time agreed and to pay the buying price + shipping costs.

3.8 Any change to the order after acceptance of the buying agreement is understood as a proposal to change the Buying contract and is only possible after agreement between the buyer and Amor-ica.com. Amor-ica.com is not obligated to accept the changes.



4.1 Price of the ordered item(s) is stated in the Current offers, ordering form as well as in the “buying contract acceptance” documents.

4.2 Published price does not include shipping expenditures. These expenditures will be charged individually after the means of delivery the buyer chooses.

4.3 All special prices are valid until the items are sold out or it is not stated otherwise.

4.4 After the buying contract acceptance, the buyer is bound to pay the agreed price by one of the following means:

1. Credit card payment, before the items are dispatched via paypal


4.5 The buyer’s obligation to pay the agreed price is concluded when the said price appears in the bank account of Amor-ica.com or when the cash is handed over to the courier.



5.1 Delivery period

5.1.1 Delivery date until which Amor-ica.com is bound to deliver the items to the buyer is stated in the buying contract acceptance documents. If not stated otherwise, Amor-ica.com is bound to deliver the goods within 15 days from the order acceptance.

5.1.2 Delivery period may vary with different means of shipping. In the ordering process the buyer is acquainted about the delivery dates for different shipping options.

5.1.3 If the buyer chooses to pay by paypal transaction, the delivery period starts from the moment the price appears in the Amor-ica.com paypal account.

5.2 Delivery address

5.2.1. Delivery address is an address stated by the buyer in the “Delivery address” box, when placing the order.

5.3 Means of delivery

5.3.1 The means of delivery can be chosen by the buyer after stating the delivery address during ordering process

5.3.2 Available means of delivery are following: 1. Parcel service, 2. Personal take-over in the warehouse/store

5.3.3 Information about the delivery price is explicitly stated next to the means of delivery option

5.4 Delivery conclusion

5.4.1 The obligation of Amor-ica.com to deliver ordered items to the buyer or corporate body (company) is fulfilled by handing over the items at the delivery address. The buyer is bound to confirm the delivery in written “delivery confirmation” form of which he/she receives one copy.

5.4.2 The obligation to deliver the items is considered fulfilled also when the Parcel company was ready to hand-over the goods at delivery address on agreed time, but the buyer did not take it over for other reasons than the reason concerning Amor-ica.com actions.

5.4.3 If the buyer does not accept the delivery and the items are returned to Amor-ica.com, the company is authorized to abandon the buying contract and claim compensation of the delivery and packing costs upon the buyer.



6.1 Amor-ica.com is responsible for the damage of the goods that occurred before the goods were delivered and also for the damage that occurred in the guarantee protection period. Guarantee protection is valid for 24 months from delivery. Evidence for claiming the guarantee protection is the invoice.



7.1 Until the delivery was not completed (e.g. the buying contract was not concluded), the buyer is authorized to cancel the order by the means of telephone contact or e-mail. We do not charge any fees in this case. If the price was already paid, Amor-ica.com returns the payment by the means of bank transaction (if not agreed otherwise) within 7 days from the cancellation.

7.2 We do not charge any fees in the above case.

7.3 When canceling the order and abandoning the buying contract, it is necessary to state your name, e-mail, order number and description of ordered items. For legislation reasons, we advise you to send us written cancelation form via registered letter afterwards.

7.4 Time of cancelation/abandonment of the contract is considered the date when it was sent to Amor-ica.com. By abandonment of the contract, all agreed terms lose validity.

7.5 Amor-ica.com claims its privilege to wait with returning the buying price to buyer until it receives the returned items. If the returned items are damaged, Amor-ica.com refund can be reduced by the cost of the damage. The refund must be sent by Amor-ica.com to the bank account of the buyer if not agreed otherwise.

7.6 Amor-ica.com is authorized to cancel the contract in following cases: 1. If the price is not paid within 7days from placing an order, if agreed to pay by bank transaction. 2. If the buyer does not take over the goods from Parcel company for other reasons than the reason concerning Amor-ica.com company actions. 3. If the ordered goods are out of stock and are no longer manufactured.

7.7 Abandonment of the contract from the side of Amor-ica.com is valid from the date of successful sending of the abandonment documents to the buyer. It is sufficient for these documents to be sent by an e-mail.

7.8 The above stated terms for abandonment of the contract from the side of Amor-ica.com  does not apply for the case of unsuccessful delivery of the items.

7.9 Any financial claims (concerning the abandonment of the contract by the buyer) can be satisfied from the value paid by the buyer and then the refund is lowered by the value of these claims.



8.1 Placing order via e-shop Amor-ica.com includes buyer’s agreement with these Terms & Conditions and with agreement with processing buyer’s personal information (in agreement with the current valid legislation).

8.2 Amor-ica.com collects personal data of the buyer (or the person authorized by the buyer to take over his/her responsibilities/rights). The data is used to process the order and delivery.

Amor-ica.com  is responsible for this data and guarantees that the data will not be used for other matters, and handed over to third party.

8.3 Amor-ica.com collects the following personal data: Name and Surname, delivery address, e-mail address, billing address, and telephone number.

8.4 By ordering the items from Amor-ica.com, the buyer agrees on receiving newsletter and current offers of Amor-ica.com to his e-mail address.



9.1 These terms and conditions are valid from 01.01.2017

9.2 Any changes to these terms and conditions are valid from publishing on www.amor-iica.com

9.3 Legal relations established by the buying contract obey the buying contract agreements, these Terms and conditions and current valid legislation. The buying contract is superior from these terms and conditions and from dis-positive general legislation. These terms and conditions are superior to dis-positive general legislation.

9.4 In case that any of these regulations become invalid or impossible to be fulfilled, the validity of other regulations from these terms and conditions is not inflicted (if not in conflict with valid legislation). Both sides are bound to exchange the invalid regulations by the valid ones without unnecessary postponement.


Thank you,