#36hoursPOTFS: Lamon record goes from grieving to scheming in less than 69 seconds allegedly!!!!!!


I feel lucky
1 year ago

Shout out to Helen #36hoursPOTFSLamon Reccord is feeling hurt.Follow7 hrsDon’t get the narrative switched up, big bro had and still has the city on lock, especially when it comes to supporting, pushing and motivating children and young minorities to stay out of trouble and do something productive. This right here hurts, but my pain isn’t meant for others to understand, it’s meant for me to heal from it and have a stronger mentality on how to survive after my healing, I learned that from Zack.I appreciate the authentic and impactful influence you constructed in these streets to change the city, God has decided that you completed your mission and that he’s now promoting you to the next level 🙏🏼. Outside of your effective platform to reach others and promote change, you’re a man of courage, integrity and intelligence. Forever. . . . . . . A CHICAGO LEGEND! here is my thing how did Lamon go from grieving to the video below in less then sixty seconds some one please explain that losing a big bro to bizness that quick?[TheChamp-GP-Comments][TheChamp-FB-Comments]

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