#36hoursPOTFS: Realest Kenneka Jenkins Evidence ever get it to the Authorities Now!


I feel lucky
12 months ago

  • Again take this to Rosemont police and ask them how could the girl have left the house, when the live was ended at 11:36 pm on the 8th of September.Again if you have any thing that debunks not me but the video below please deliver it to use because we knew this was fake since September, 2017, why do you think 12 youtube channels have been deleted?The video below is at the exact time to see when the live was uploaded and again it was uploaded on September, 14, 2017 by a comedian named PETTY WHITE again its all a Prank people you the victims wake up. Get this to Tee Tee and ask her how Kenneka leave the house at 11:30pm and the live was over at 11:36pm. If she does noty answer ask Rosemont and the FEDS? They shuld all be sued for not knowing wha ttime the live was ended, or what time the girl allegedly left the house.[TheChamp-GP-Comments][TheChamp-FB-Comments]



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