#36hoursPOTFS:Jay G releases inbox msg between him and Jmoney organizing protest, and his opinion on Zack Stoner’s death


I feel lucky
2 years ago

I will be honest I dont believe Zack was ready to return to Germany now if he was pulled of the Psy Op based on his cover being blown that’s another story but something may have happened on the streets, his political ties could not get him out of and pulled him out the Psy Op, or in all actuality he could really be dead, because based on our observations Zack was not rolling right at all.He was on the political scene with Willie Wilson, then he was on the Street scene taking pics with hitters, and the Gang gang gang group.Then he was buying back guns with the hood brothers, telling people they had a pass with the police if they got caught, turning in guns. Then he was online dissing American women, and calling them internet N words, and the finally straw if you let Peezy Peez tll it Zack died for disrespecting Teezy, a OG that lost his life, to the game.Now Jay G speaks on it and releases TXT he had from Jmoney and him planning to protest, he also dropped his opinion on the Zack matter as well as what he heard.So what do you think about the situation based on Jay G, input?here goes the txt’sandandshou tout to Helen #36hoursPOTFS [TheChamp-GP-Comments][TheChamp-FB-Comments]



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