#36hoursPOTFS:The arrest of Jedidiah Brown decoded by The Wokeavelians


I feel lucky
2 years ago

Tecora Chambers · 2:53👋Tecora · 4:43 What he doGigi · 5:24 Wow that white cop just snatched him up smdhVon · 6:20 They some bitchesTecora · 6:36 FUCK THE WHITE POLICE BITCHES!!!!Princess · 0:00 They show isPrincess· 0:00 Gigi Rodriguez yes they did they had that plan girl we on our way to the police station i know we is low numbers but we
Lamon Reccord · 0:00 UPDATE: I’m still coordinating on Jedidiah Brown behalf as I write this, SPT Eddie Johnson is now aware of the Jedidiah’s arrest and I’m now sending footage over to Superintendent Johnson to get him released.
Yes .. I’ve seen the whole video..It was a bunch of cops surrounding him doing a bunch of nothing but pushing!! It was FAKE.. he didn’t even really go to jail
Before the arrest the intentions?



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