#DDSN:OMG 😮 Two Nurses Fight In Staff Room‼️ “#GetEmFired”


I feel lucky
2 years ago

Karen “This is what happens when nurses allow certain CNA’s to act out . I’ve been in a similar situation and this 20 yr old newbie had threatened a resident. Long story short got in my face 1 too many times, took it in a closed room where I showed Miss thang what I was really about . Needless to say 3 nurses Finally stepped in to stop it . Finally!! I quit my job the next week and never looked back. Miss thang though ended up fired for dropping a resident on the floor and was caught lol at the resident. Karma!:Joyce “Both should be fired for being stupid enough to fight on their job… knowing dam well they need the money to buy a new wig…😂😂😂”Law “One slap to the face, 8 punches landed, four quick kicks to the head and this trifling beeeatch recording would make anybody cry.”Kim “No way they are nurses. They look too young and are behaving too inappropriately. I’m guessing they are Certified Nurse’s Aides in a nursing home.”Tammy “Why is y’all hating on her job or they job least they got one they might not have one now but at least they working y’all don’t know what y’all want to do people work and then y’all talk about their job they don’t work y’all talk about not having a job y’all need to make up your mind so what is CNA”Leon “These aren’t nurses. Real nurses are running around getting shit done while these cna’s are on break.Real nurses spend second they aren’t with their patients trying catch a 2-3 nod.It’s crazy how a can and medical assistant will swear they’re real nurses.”[TheChamp-GP-Comments][TheChamp-FB-Comments]



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