#DontDieSleepNews:Planet of the Fakes Kenneka Jenkins channel: Victims of Zackavelli busted from a youtube video


I feel lucky
11 months ago

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    This new generation is notorious for self-snitching I don’t get it why do you young cats always feel the need too show what u got….back when I was coming up we kept everything on the DL even if u hit a stain for a half a million you still played broke and kept your mouth shut. ..these lil dudes need to learn the game…feds always are watching…. in reality what would happen with those taxes is they would be used for pointless wars and to house prisoners for pointless reasons, while disabled people are still denied disability. great country we have huh? o yeah and many of the soldiers fighting those pointless wars would come home and be homeless. LuL god bless the usaMaybe that’s why there’s so many shows about all the OG’s on TV & the only shows about the gangs today are found on Facebook, YouTube & the local news. You know what cops call videos like this? Job security! Isn’t it so nice of today’s gangs & drug dealers to all help the cops? I think it’s rather sweet of them.
    Shame how white amerikkka show the bad for the black community that the white ones created….it’s crazy how this country has not only tricked the black race into this life….But how the world has been tricked as to the white ones being something for good.
    Skin color means nothing . we are all human beings shareing this rock we call earth,flying through space at an inconceivable speed. The sooner everyone on earth realizes all humans are equal. The sooner there will be world peace. #OneLove
    Young men? I’m sorry, afraid the term “Man” is reserved for those who deserve to be called this! These are weak minded individuals that could not speak without 5 other “crack babies” backing their mouths up!!!!!



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