#DontDieSleepNewz:🚨: Woman Responds to Setup Allegations | Trying to Kenneka Jenkins another woman Both Video!!!!!


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How it began

tee Kay “This is really sad. I feel for her, you can see the pain and she can’t calm down enough to tell it calmly because she’s so sickened over it all. People are capable of some real dark evil $hit as we know. She obviously been through some horrible things and people shouldn’t be mocking her or doubting her. What possible incentive would she have to come out like this and expose herself and forego all levels of privacy if it wasn’t true? Sad, sad stuff. I feel for her as it’s pretty clear some awful things transpired.” Mz K “Now what the hell. The party supposed to be in your own house. Well now if she knew this woman was raw when she came to her house what do you expect. I feel bad cause she’s a women but I hope she really learn a lesson.”Sweet1 “Thanks for posting. I was wondering…… Maybe something happened to the pregnant girl that got off of the elevator, since the dudes was looking for her to do her something and this is her cover story. Because why, when they went down on the elevator, did she stay up there by herself? They were both at the elevator about to go down until she saw the pregnant girl…She winded up going down there anyway. 😦 I do see discrepancies with this girls’ response story and that is how did the pregnant girl story all of a sudden turn into they are after her and you’re in with them, trying to do something to her. Hell, you seem to know a lot about locations in Chicago even tho you’re from Madison. The other thing is most likely, her and o’boy made out in the hospital bathroom. I don’t know why she saying they went in there and nothing happened. Not my business but she is running down the events of the whole evening, night and morning. 🙆 I don’t recall, the one feeling abused, mentioning going clubbing that night and who don’t drink at the club, but she insisted on showing us a bottle to say she didn’t drink? Glad they are safe and that she got her to the hospital. All I can say to the lady feeling abused in some way is have the police check the surveillance tapes at the hotel, to help you see what your friend is trying to tell you, you did while y’all was sitting by the front desk and how she responded before getting you to the hospital. I hope that helps. You almost made me think someone was trying to do a Kenneka on you…and Marko is involved???!😳 WTH girl? Stay Sober…Gee wiz!” 

🚨: Woman Responds to Setup Allegations | Part 2

   Amp “My opinion just from what I know about human behavior and body language…this woman is lying. If not lying, she is certainly not being forthcoming. It’s evident by all the irrelevant ass details she is attempting to cloud the viewers mind with. Who cares what kind of liquor was purchased, or that the hotel is ALL the way out in the hunnits, or the details of the woman exiting the elevator. That woman has absolutely nothing to do with what happened or the telling of her story. These are clear indicators that she is avoiding explaining what matters and instead focusing on the nonsense. Bottom line is, just like your friend said, you left her not once, but twice.” [TheChamp-GP-Comments][TheChamp-FB-Comments]



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