#DontDIeSleepNewz: “Do you want to play with my balls?” Is it a children book or adult book tell us PLEASE?!?!?!?!


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1 year ago

Brendan=”That is terrible😰 that shouldn’t have been published, ever hear of subliminal messaging and mind programming?”

Jennifer-“Omg, honey how did you read that without laughing your ass off? That book is an adults horny rant lol”

Christinia “I sure the heck would not read this book let alone let my kids if I had kids. Anyone who don’t see the inappropriate part in this needs serious help. I heard the story once and it didn’t take me long to understand what it was about. IT IS NOT talkin about a ball you can throw around and kick and bounce and stuff. Go a little deeper into the woods and think about what it means”

Esther- “Lord OMG we really have to observe what we’re giving tour children and our grandchildren I’m sharing this for that reason it’s not funny to me at all I think it’s insulting and extremely disrespectful to parents. This should truly be investigated who could allow something like this to be published to children who would publish it?”

Suzan “This looks like a child molestor, who published this book to groom kids, for all child predators. Don’t buy this book. Wake up people! Read between the lines.”

Louise “It may be intended for adults but there are perverse adults who would actually read this to a child. It’s not even funny, I’d be furious if someone gave me that as a ‘gag gift.'”


Rachel ” It isn’t a children’s book. It is a joke book for adults using adult humor, but written in the form of a chidren’s book. The authors clearly state it is for adults.”




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