#DontDieSleepNewz: How would try to steal a $29.99 kid pool out a backyard? ” #SMSpotfs”


I feel lucky
11 months ago

  • Andrea “They really just wanted to expose the black race. Why not just call the cops and have them locked up and pay for another pool. Why put this on the internet? Its not that” Danni “Exactly ! My other thought was why are they showing the child the footage 🤔. IMO that was just to add to the case that they probably already make to them, and that is Black people are bad smh. Just tell them some bad people stole your pool.”Andrea “Right”Shavonda “That needs to be exposed. I bet the same person would have acted a fool if someone took their shit. Black or lime green you took from some babies to give to yours.”Andrea “Shavonda I’m pretty sure they would of, but what I am saying is people commit crim everyday no matter the color. So what is the point of the exposure? I am pretty sure its not the first time someone stolen something from them. So why not put that up also. I’m pretty sure it was not just about the pool and some child when people steal everyday.”Andrea “People just like to be extra. They have them on tape so why not just give it to the cops. Whats all they hype about?”Shavonda “Andrea u take from my babies I’m exposing you. Then I’mma find you. What’s for me&mines is just that for us. Color has nothing to do with it. It was to expose the thievery at hand, and maybe just the shock of taking their kiddies pool with a camera on site taking the time to get reinforcements and all yes expose them. U steal from me and u white I’mma knock ya ass black and blue. You steal from me and u black I’mma beat dat ass purple. So stop fronting if someone takes from you if given the choice u go put em out there or put hands on em. Just my way of dealing with thieves. How u deal with a person stealing from your kids huh?? Just so happen the was niggas.”Darlene “No matter A thief is a broke a** thief”[TheChamp-GP-Comments][TheChamp-FB-Comments]



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