#DontDieSleepNewz: Woman gets jumped by other women while with a baby and they spit on the baby to #SMSpotfs


I feel lucky
11 months ago

  • “They so bogus spit on that girl baby took advantage of her while she had the baby with her and the baby daddy bogus asl for exposing this video to Facebook wowwww I hate 1995 and up parents 😭😭😩”


    Infinity “Whats the girl facebook page omg😩 i wanna be updated😂💯👌 i hope she got back and throw boiling hot water on her.”


    Kyunte “This is why I’m keeping a knife on me you don’t mess with nobody’s child period I’m cutting a hoe face open about mines 🔪”


    Nyderia “Did she just spit on the baby woooooo she would have been calling all the Gods in heaven for help in tongues cuz someone finna caught another soul at they gates 😡”


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