#DontDieSLeepNewz:Man sucka punched, and then robbed by Passer By’s who rendered No Aid “#PigstarHHnews”


I feel lucky
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ORRIBLE: A man in was brutally knocked out cold in New York and left in the street. Other people walking by then stopped, not to help, but to steal his wallet and cellphone, the NYPD saysSteve “Once again the third video past week that all you see is blacks doing the crimes ! But no one has the nuts to say it! If it was white on black we would have riots in the streets ! Or did everyone forget already!”Bryan “m I the only one who is curious what he said to those two guys to get knocked out? They clearly didn’t want to rob him because they originally walked away after punching him, which means it was a personal response.”Sharon “Be careful folks people are trolling sites,taking names to find out where you work. Screen shots of comments taken and sent to employers to get people fired. And also looking you up and posting addresses. ️ wishing all a good day.”Deborah “What the ?!$#? No one stopped to help.???? What is WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? HOPEFULLY these people are caught & punishment should be the same. Knock them out & put the hurt on them as well. LOUSY bunch of low life”Joyce “Pretty sick!!!!! I guarantee when a white man does this to a black man, there’s protests and destruction galore!!!! When the role is reversed, nothing “[TheChamp-GP-Comments][TheChamp-FB-Comments]



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