#DontDieSleepNewz:Stop eating pork people,pork causes this kind of diseases


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Ben- “Feel sorry for this person i cant imagine how painful for this for her emotionally….her everyday struggle is someone we should not make fun with…Pray for the best for her” Dok- “Very sensitive part of our T Zone area…delicate part that it might lead to meningitis….pls do not touch unless ure a dermatologist or have the knowldge to do so” Jayson- ” its called rhinophyma an advanced case of rosacea this should be treated with antibiotics and acutane its shouldn’t have been pricked”Andrijana ” I agree with you expecialy becuse this is my field of work!”Esmeralda “I totally agree with u”Henrique “I agree, squeezing the pimples already left scars on the nose”Titus “Wasnt pimples tho… I can squeeze the grease outta my own nose”Emily  “I completely and utterly agree 🙏🏻”Shanique  “Those are black heads that needed to be squeezed out”Denise “Thank you for sharing the diagnosis because it is obvious that she has more than oily skin by the shape of her nose and the color.”DaLane  “I’m not a dermatologist but I agree that angry red inflamed skin need to get under control STAT!!”Elizabeth “If this person take the lemon nd add salt on it nd rub his or her face wth this every day twice a day nd add vics on it very night he or she will have a beautiful skin back nd don’t wash it face wth soap only alcohol pad nd water”Shelly  “I hope he gets microdermabrasion, or a chemical peel to get rid of the clogged upper layer of skin and the chemical peel to reduce the redness and dry out his pores!!”[TheChamp-GP-Comments][TheChamp-FB-Comments]

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