Mississippi Indicts 14-Year-Old Girl In Her Mother’s Stabbing Death


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A grand jury has indicted and arraigned a teenage girl accused of killing her mother on January 4, 2019 in Pike County, according to WJTV.

Detectives said that Amariyona Hall and her younger sister stabbed and shot their mom, Erica Hall. Both teenagers have since been placed in the custody of their father.

KNOE stated that the Pike County Chief Investigator Chief Bell says he spoke to both girls and the 14-year-old says they planned the attack days prior, taking a gun out of mom’s car to use later. The night of, the 14-year-old woke up the mother and told her someone was at the door. The girls tried to stab their mom when she got up, but it didn’t work. The teen says her sister then shot the gun. At the time. authorities said the evidence indicates both of the girls had gun residue on their hands.


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