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    1. IDK why youtubers still making videos about KJ when we never saw KJ 💯People can make as many videos from Rosemont site as they want but nobody will ever find the real KJ because I converted the UTC time to Chicago time and each video was created when she suppose to be missing & Monifah been messed up their plot from the start when she text KJ was missing at 1:11am then they showed us the fake KJ entering the hotel at 1:13am

    2. This Anonymous person was so wrong to use you and your Email to spread lies for their own purpose.
      It's ok to say maybe this or that happened or that you believe this or that happened or is going on but to purposely lie was so wrong and evil.

    3. Just Saying….I think We Should Just let this woman R.I.P. That's All Thanks

    4. u got to be careful of who u trust everybody wants to be in the spotlight of kenneka Jenkins I like that in u for admitting that u trust the wrong information thank u and God bless u

    5. Karrie Smith says:

      Good morning beach beauty having trouble getting on YouTube but was wondering if you could you could look into Ty's live. I was looking over it and notice his hand when he put up his two fingers and made a signal of some sort… There seems to be images in his hand🤔 seems crazy but please look it over thanks and have a great day

    6. Your commitment to this case is amazing. So much respect goes out to you for trying to get some justice for baby girl, even when everyone else wants us to give up. One thing that just crossed my mind recently was, the fact that not one woman police officer attended that crime scene. Its a small detail, however could that have changed the dynamic of the case? Maybe she wouldn’t of been able to do anything, been outnumbered by white men, but a woman’s perspective would of been a lot different. We KNOW what it looks like when a female has been missed with, her hair was a mess her eyelashes were falling off, clothes all dirty… and they expect us to believe she just wandered around and ended up there n died?? THE LIEEEEES. When its cold at night and you try and get warm, do you not get into foetal position? Or do you lay your head in a corner and just freeze to death? Keep searching Princess! In Kennekas honour… and this case taught me we really need more strong black women in the police force and less PINK PIGGYS

    7. Becky Starr says:

      It was a bit bizarre when the Anonymous Anonymous told one person that they only trusted them. Smh. Some people have to always make it seem like others worship their arse! Whether they are talking to freaking ghosts, etc. lol js

    8. Hmmmm Teresa is that you..seriously…Well if that's you..Ilove your realness..

    9. Y ur video is continuing even when i rewind ???? Tell me that before u keep comin up with new videos n shit ? I guess u gonna pull a straight drop move? Start from the beginning n shit , new evidence like who ever give out this much info to the public on a fuckin case, thats supposed to be closed ? Crime scene pictures n shit you all need to cut the shit , every fuckin minute here comes some new shit , like who does that?

    10. Chicago Nike says:

      Keep up the good work beach beautly 35 you doing a geart jod 💯

    11. 24K InfO says:

      You did great with them regardless of who they were. You asked the right things and stayed on them.

    12. Ace Naraiki says:

      Why are you talking in circles?Did something scare you???

    13. dam is you gone say the same thing on all your videos I thought you had information about kenneka but you talkn bout all this other shit we don't give AF about I just click on 3 video and you talkn bout the same shit we don't care about who making fake pages bitch you a fraud you doing this shit for view I should report your ass for wasting my mf time with this click bait ass bullshit

    14. t Bey says:

      internet company that help edite vid is right beside flower shop /cremation store owned by autopsy doctor who pretented to pick up kanneka

    15. I'm sorry I just gotta say this I was always watching your videos ispys and kandis stars but now it's just getting to the point where it seems like y'all are fighting no literally but trying to put the most up for the views and money I'm all j4k and I think I'll just wait until somebody gets some real justice for her cause all these videos y'all clearing up and this and that ain't getting nowhere if u really look at it yeah it may be true what u seeing but y'all ain't showing it to the right people people the people watching in YouTube ain't trying to get it to the right people either which is why I say if y'all ain't making it go anywhere then why is it so important for y'all to put these videos out? Just my opinion i think I'm done with the j4k on YouTube.

    16. Love it! Check my channel out too! 🙂

    17. Just throw the whole state of Chicago away 🤦🗣🗑these mfs still lying and can't b trusted God gon get dey ass for playing wit da dead

    18. gee gee pie says:

      I manely feel Bad for Miss Martin the child is dead shit is serious not a game if this is true shame on who ever it is

    19. Rhiannon C. says:

      They knew less than we did.

    20. Rhiannon C. says:

      So many people lying. It's actually making me sick. I knew this person was lying too. Just because you have a theory, it doesn't make it true. I keep catching these you tubers lying and when I point out the truth they delete my comments or the video itself. Thanks for letting us know Beach Beauty.

    21. I'm starting to think this whole Kenneka story is a hoax, it's too many characters involved like a movie and it's way too many inconsistencies. Nothing has been adding up since day 1.

    22. Sorry I must've missed that video.. where can I find it?

    23. Waste of time video never watching your shit again lame as

    24. I told you and Kandis this from day one! When this person first started sending this bullshit.

    25. Vayne Rizzo says:

      It's messed up that people like you still getting paid off of her death.

    26. Joyce Prince says:

      I am with you sweetie there TROLLS trying to get us to stop. Sorry TROLL it wont work.. 👍👍👍😎

    27. Its called "Distraction." There are people in high places, that do not want this to continue. Some are probably getting 2bit too close to things. You guys need to stick to "what & whom," you KNOW! People are ruthless and for some, if they smell a quick & easy way to make a $$, thats exactly what they going to do no matter whom it hurts or how distorted from the truth it may be. Some are real good at their "craft." Theyll study up on all of the current videos so as to fit right in smoothly. Pay for subs to look legit, and then there are those that will make themselves known from a mile away.
      Stay focused and viligent and the truth WILL come out. They wouldnt be trying so hard to distract people from YouTubers if they didnt feel threatened by them, on ALL TOPICS. God bless you and yours.🕯 🙏💗🙏🕯

    28. Stacy Watson says:

      I knew that cause she say she left the party at 12 and then she say they start coming about 11 12ish so how do she knows what happened after 12 if you were not there?….

    29. KIM RICHARDS says:

      I just seen parts of Anonymous Anonymous's video "Monifah I Caught You" If that girl was at the party, why is she pointing out details of a picture? That right there was a red flag to me and I wasn't even 3 min in the video. What a damn shame that this person would go to this length to even make a video. smh Good catch Beachbeauty. Keep up the awesome videos


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