Planet of the Fakes nightly news episode eight: 3.2.2018 Mom and Daughter shop owners battle armed robber


I feel lucky
2 years ago

The mother and daughter duo gave me chills and the fact, their guns could not stop this armed robber should startle every one and be a warning to pack bigger and more powerful fire arms.Stephen Stevenson looks like Chris Dorner with a beard I dont care what any one says. The crying and grieving from the family look fake, and the bag the alleged old man was holding was empty.The Glitches video demonstrate how brain damaged these Fake Kenneka Lovers are heading towards 6 month and they are still doing video about hotel footage glitches, adn crisis actors.Risharch Godson still sticking to his guns, get his blood adsense money, Im glad at least some one who believes their common sense and the truth. [TheChamp-GP-Comments][TheChamp-FB-Comments]



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