#Potfs4Women: Man fights a Woman and she wins but was it avoidable?


I feel lucky
12 months ago

    • Some comments dont be surprised
    • Renee M. She whooped him right quick! Black men are responsible for this epidemic! They have never treated black women with respect and only put them down, leave them to raise kids by themselves don’t want to help financially, so black women had to step up to the plate to protect themselves, so they became the new men. Yet, black women liberated black men from slavery and they got the nerve to say negative things about them, without black women and their sacrifices they would still be picking cotton! FACT
    • Meka Brown That bitch said old 99 cent store ass nigga u generic ass salt and pepper ass nigga this is not supposed to b funny yet it is she on that nigga head lmfao btfu
    • Satin  She turned mortal combat on his ass when she grabbed hs foot and pulled him back towards her.! GET OVER HERE(inmymortalcombatvoice)
    • Tonya Lowther He said “leave me alone” 😂😂😂😂😂😤😤😤😤 she look like she ain’t got shit to live for! Wrong type of ppl to fux with. She gone come back everyday to beat him up!!! 😊😊👊👊
    • Maggie  Wait what? I thought dude was really gonna hurt her bad and I would have been like he was wrong to beat her so badly just for all the talking she was doing. But the way he came at her? He was struggling with her! And she wasn’t even fighting all that well. I’ve seen females knock grown ass men out! This looked like two chicks scuffling lol
      Shietta She really held her own. & he wasnt even hitting her forreal so im not even mad at him. I think he just gave her the lil wrestle mania she wanted. He didnt even seem angry enough to fight
      Josh Nigga if you gona step over the line and hit her you better make it worth her while.. nigga threw a 2 punch combo fell to the ground and tryed to crawl away haha
      How do you see it?



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