#PotfsFood:People saw employees from China City digging something up and demanded answers!!!!!!!


I feel lucky
2 years ago

“I haven’t eaten Chinese food in years them motha fuckas nasty asl..they kill possums, beavers, dogs and big rodents and cook them…that is their heritage so why would we not think that they would cook that shit for us???😲😲“- Tamilyn

 “I was telling one of friends whom is in Florida now.. how they serve dogs and cats to the public…he thinks that’s only in China..a place got closed down a few years ago when they got raided on the south side. Dogs and cats were found on the freezers… when I buy from them it’s shrimp this…shrimp that…“-Melvin



“Nigga talking about look look man call the police, nigga the FDA, immigration, man all they ass this is a major issue”-Keith




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