#SMSpotfs:Ooutrage after woman arrested in the waffle house over plastic untensils


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2 years ago

  • The treatment of a 25-year-old black Mobile woman who was arrested early Sunday morning inside a Waffle House in Saraland by white Saraland Police officers is quickly driving outrage in Alabama and beyond.
  • WARNING: This video is GRAPHIC.
  • Now I ask you , you are out with your mother are you really going to be making big scenes. Scenes big enough where police have to be called, like let us be for real. What satisfaction was she going to get out of calling their corporate office. Now dont get me wrong 50 cent for plastic utensils is ridiculous specially iif they never gave you any but it goes back to what I always say stop spending in other people business’s create your own. But ope she will sue then be proud to walk back up in there order a meal and let the employees spit in it.
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  • Caleb Machen Let’s say she was simply asked to leave and didn’t. So police were called. She then refuses to leave. She then resists arrest. How can anyone be mad? Seriously lolLet’s say the Facebook post about her being asked to leave and threatening to pull a gun isn’t even true. She still is actively resisting arrest!
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  • Ebony Pettway Johnson Meanwhile in Nashville the police were never called and the shooter is still on the loose. #doublestandards……
  • Tom W Treece From just the snapshot in time of the video she was resisting. Without question. Here is a tip for all: Do not try to adjudicate your case on the scene with police. Wrong forum. Wrong audience. Comply first, complain later.
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  • Demarcus Key Ok for all ya’ll that don’t know she never threatened to pull a gun one of the girls asked for plastic silverware instead of metal and the WAITRESS caught an attitude and tried to charge her .50 for it when the girls said no to paying the 50 cents and See More
  • Nikosha Raquel White All this over plastic utensils!! 🤔 They should’ve just given it to her. She was a paying customer. Why argue & debate with a customer!??? If you get food to-go, they give you plastic utensils anyway. It’s a motive with some of these employees. Good See More
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  • George Owens We sure have a lot of jail house / sidewalk lawyers that don’t know much about law or their rights.The woman is engaged in disorderly conduct. She is refusing lawful orders of the police officer. She is resisting arrest. The officer used enough forceSee More
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  • Raheem Rocky Williams Nothing to see here. She’s in the wrong. When the business ask you to leave then leave, if cops show up and you still don’t leave expect a bad time. You don’t have a right to disrupt a business or even to be on the private property once asked to leave.



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