#TheKennekaDeception: Zack Stoner Black Ink New York City sept, 2017 episode or Miami from 2016 you decide!!!!!!


I feel lucky
1 year ago

Now why would Zack have on the same clothes for a Black Ink Miami, and claim he made it to Black ink new york, and posted his fake pic on a Fake Black ink page? This episode is not from September I dont think it look like from 2016 here are some comments and the youtube video from the episode let me know what you thinkLook at the fake Black Ink he posted his pic and tagged people in its not Black Ink New York why is he lying?Another look this time him lying in the inbox!Donna said “I found out what u tasted like and I was done”….bwaaahahahahahahaDonna saidYou can tell Duchess is lying how she is acting smdh she felt guilty so she told it first because she thought Donna was going to say something to somebody and it got back to Caesar but the cameras gone tell it all Lmao 😂😂😂😂Im just living for Donna’s hair and makeup idky but Donna’s pretty af. Stfu Dutchess “she took advantage of me” here she go crying wolf AGAINWhy does every body on BLACK INK CREW look like they smoke Hella weed and their breath stinksDamn Dutchess is so dramatic…..I would’ve loved if Donna sexually took advantage of me, drunk or sober. She’s a hot tatted chick.Excuses,excuses stfu you did it it’s done… Donna told the truthDutchess is beautiful but she has an awful attitude smhDutch please! Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy that licking!I’m thinking she taste like dollar store soda =-/WOW!!! Dutchess you is a liar. Donna is a lot of things…some qualities unattractive BUT no doubt, THE most unattractive is being a liar. A thot can clean up her act but a liar is a darn lie…SMH!!! #teamNONEDonna is beautiful. 💕💜I honestly don’t see why she’s mad .. you did it . apologize and let’s move on like having lesbian encounters is horrible pshhh grow up dutches just be glad she was pretty 😂😂😂I just want Dutchess to be exposed. Like I just want her to go away.41Shame please God cancel all these Hoodrats shows compare this one[TheChamp-GP-Comments][TheChamp-FB-Comments]



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