#TheKennekaDeception: Zack Stoner confirming he was in New York on Sept, 9yj, 2017 in the DM!!!!!!


I feel lucky
11 months ago

  • As you can see Zack still lying with Fake Photos on a Fake Black ink P)age as we showed you already if you did not se it click hereits a lie that a fake Black Ink page do you research stop ignoring people that have done the researchhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Ink/104925232908032Now look this the guy I got it from I just showed him Zack lied to him how do you think he will reactMe and Zack’s convo few months back, and we talked some more but I’m not posting that, and i also deleted some of his replies here, just what’s important shows. Because I hope and pray it wasn’t about this, not after all these months and not after all he has done and tried to do for Chicago. #RestUpZackStoner #JusticeForZackStonerAgain this dont put Zack in Crown plaza, it just shows he lied about being in New York, Zack takes a lot of Pics when he is in New yor, and other places, why did he have these angry fake pics, and try to say he was Black Ink in New York knowing he was not nor do any episodes feature him it would be in his youtube channel. See how people lying for foreign liars, these foreigners not gonn alie for them, they going in FEMA camps not the foreigners. Keep betraying America!!!![TheChamp-GP-Comments][TheChamp-FB-Comments]

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