#TheKennekaDeception:Why P-ootie Rico jeopardizes seeing his daughter by accepting money from team KJ is alive in America fraudsters


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8 months ago


    The foll0wing is all alleged ad backed by facts and evidence [receipts]I f you don’t know who P Rico is he was a 23 year old kid that threw himself in the middle of the KJ deception to make a name for him self. Despite claiming to be a ride or die J4k he has done nothing but lie beg, and steal look at his name stolen, from a Chiraq rapper. But any way lil Pootie Rico now have implicated himself in the Duke Murdock pn FB aka Alphonse Conner, of the BX, NY and Diez Candies, aka Candice Williamson of Redford, MI, and Angela Jones aka YoStayWoke on IG, and Jenny Jay, and Angela Jones on FB illegal, free radio promotion FRAUD scheme, and forgery ring.P ootie RIco calling POTFS a Molester because Team KJ is alive in America is now donating to him to do it since Duke is such a coward and Diez is a federal worker dummies I tell you.P Rico is a bum so of course, they are now donating to him take a look at the last video he made, these individuals are in the comments coaching him on what to say and he even goes as far as saying playing of the fakes “Is a molestor” the same lies Diez have been spreading again she is a scorn woman with a bitter black heart and a 18 year old daughter, that will have to see all this in the future eventually. It’s sad all because they want Kenneka clout, when the whole time they are preparing themselves, to be behind bars 4 Kenneka #BB4K these are all federal charges based on the fact, they are sending the msg’s and conspiring over the internet.The innocent high school coach Deuce Dutch from POTFS old area they stalked on social media and call a molester knowing it was not me then lied and said POTFS set him up and this is why P Rico started the live off lying saying POTFS DM him on IG a lie we don’t have his IG and would never apologize to the Kunniving bum and criminalAs you know P Rico along with team Kj in America, have for the last week been accusing a high school coach of being POTFS Planet of the Fakes, and went to his social media calling him a pedophile he is now a witness of the cyber stalking and intimidation Team KJ is attempting to do to silence POTFS, but its to late they have been reported, now its just updates on the people silly enough to aid, them based on HATE of POTFS, because now they are accessories, in the federal fraud forgery and cyber stalking ring.If child protective services see this videos Joseph Alvarez aka P Rico is making to defend these fraudster, it will be hard for his baby momma to bring his daughter to a federal prison to see him if you care about this young man tell him stop taking their money and leave POTFS alone because he already committed slander and defamation of character to charges he facing including conspiracy sdo keep it up team KJ in America you paper trail is endless. Previous articles of these criminals for Kenneka clout\The beginning More liesDeeper criminal activityThe Lie Goes OnGetting paid aideThe nail in their coffinsand now P Rico joins them because he is broke and hate that we archived his online fakesness like we archived their online fraud keep it up Team KJ in America every one knows what you all are up to and its CRIMINAL!If you would like to warn this young man click on the image to his facebook belowImage may contain: one or more peoplePootie Ricos FBLet him know how you feel about his lies……………..!Umbrella corp#TheKennekaDeception:Why P-ootie Rico jeopardizes seeing his daught by not accepting money from team KJ is alive in America fraudstersAny one from Illinois that knows this kid warn him he has gotten in way over his fake dread head ………..His baby mother should really be a shamed of him and I hope she see this[TheChamp-GP-Comments][TheChamp-FB-Comments]

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