#The PostKennekaEra:POTFS, Malika, Unc Fed, and Jawanna KJ closure and a new beginning panel


I feel lucky
5 months ago


    I found it all fascinating whole different spin on the situation
    Im glad lot of research for people to do we will find them
    • I really enjoyed and if you wonder why a dumped a ton of Jewels it is because Queen Malika aint no joke and her and her people will do the research on all and bring me t obat for any thing that may seem off I welcome it I dropped a year worth of Knowledge the queen just came to the conclusion of why thing with Kenneka Jenkins never ever added up to a death, it is because she is ALIVE. Kennekaveli
    • nikki313That lady jacked-up your live. Why didn’t you jump in?
    • Charol LWasnt able to get in earlier but kind of glad I couldn’t (to much confusion) … POTF hijacked your channel and didn’t even follow YOUR dialogue. He started chaos where peace should have been. He had a whole different itinerary.
    • Planet of the Fakes Extraordinary
    • ok
    • PaytonWe gotta put some respect on POTF name now, I just be damned
    • Planet of the Fakes Extraordinary
    • ty
    • James Fretwell
    • That man is doing my head in. He wont shut up.
    • 1
    • Planet of the Fakes Extraordinary
    • ok
    • TRAYCan someone teach him how to say Lenora’s name. lol
    • Planet of the Fakes Extraordinary
    • It spelled Leonore lol
    • StephanieIf someone is born here in this country….it doesn’t matter if they are a first generation American citizen….they are a citizen if indeed they are born here….regardless if they do have family in another country….,or if a parent came from another country…..our former president father was a full blooded Kenyan…….but our president was born here…….with the last name Obama…..let’s not forget that’s how America came to be what it is today….full of foreigners….that’s after Europeans took it from the Native Americans….so in reality…..all of us came from somewhere else…..if you want trace stuff back to people’s family……some of us would have to trace much further…..because our ancestors was brought here….so I don’t understand….how he is basing what he think about this case in her family possibly being from another country…..I mean so our we going to do this all the crimes and fraud and injustices that go in this country fall on the foreigners….I know it’s shady stuff going on in this country….and Zi know about the Nigerians and they scams but it’s a whole lot of foreign people in this country that are stand up people…..I will admit it’s interesting enough but….people need to be able to confirm some of this stuff with more than just digging in s family tree…..IJS.
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    • Planet of the Fakes Extraordinary
    • No suuch thing as an American citizen you have no paper that says America on it……………… U.S. of A not U.S> is A>……
    Any question Sea Breeze7 hours agoPOTF always gotta be rightPlanet of the Fakes Extraordinaryprove me wrong its 300 of youBlackjewell 777What in the….? Never mind and please don’t make us listen to POTF🙃👑👑👑 #GetHimSomeMedsPlanet of the Fakes Extraordinaryto lateRealest In The WorldWill someone please tell me what is going onGoddess of_ 44This man is coo cooPlanet of the Fakes Extraordinaryyup but Im succesful lolchris lewisI dont agree with him never didPlanet of the Fakes Extraordinaryyou do not have tobeverley palmerStay blessed. MalikaSweetT GillespieI feel u POTF..Jawanna or wateva ur name is Idt is real at all mayb part of the scheme..reallyLady BeeThere is a Kendra N Coleman, 26 who died in Chicago in the death indexTasha de CarvalhoSorry this guy took over the whole live and forgive me his voice is irritating ……he keeps saying she’s African….. Africa is a whole continent which African country is she from ?Planet of the Fakes Extraordinarythat cool….Tammie LynnHey Malika Boo Can You Please Watch Debbie James Videos PLEASE thanksj babiLove this keep it up..shout out to the panelPlanet of the Fakes ExtraordinaryI enjoyed myself Malika is to coolEdna Gabriel💯🥰Stephanie HardinStephanie Hardin2 hours agoHi Malika…..I accept the fact that…..it’s all lot that don’t add up with this case but…..That dude and the feet…..I can’t address that…..I just wanted to add that a family member of hers spoke with Team Rebel as well and he referred to the person as his people….don’t know what that means….I took it that he may know this person personally and they told him that Kenneka was deceased….and Team Rebel lives in Chicago.LilMissTakenHeyyy malika <3 Im only like half way done with the live so iDK if its been said yet BUTTTT…. In chicago its hot as hell during the day and at night it gets cool out and depending on the wind it can get VERY cold at night. Like fr I could be swimming all day and be bundled up at night. even if the temp doesnt seem like it would be cold… it will feel like that because it was so HOT during the day. lol sorry i just hear POTFS saying that over and over so i had to chime in… btw love you POTFS no shade, you know how you are LBVSPayton PlaceAfter looking at Sync fb, I think they’re from the islands, Jamaica specificallyPlanet of the Fakes ExtraordinaryThank you Jmoney Haitian and Zack African thoughLilMissTakenBtw that is a UBER thats what we have here in chicago… cant speak for any other state.Planet of the Fakes Extraordinarywhat the air plane sign if so why they not dress for november?LilMissTakenPhew finally done~! haha THAT WAS an amazing LIVE loved all of you!!! Please do this again! Much love Malika!1Planet of the Fakes ExtraordinaryQueen Malika is so cool jawwanna is a tripPrettyHi im newbie here showing love and i hit both buttons❣[TheChamp-GP-Comments][TheChamp-FB-Comments]



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