#ThePostKennekaEra:100% proof that is, not Kenneka Jenkins or Money Capper in the CP kitchen


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6 months ago


    • Just to prove to you the people that believe Kenneka Jenkins was in that hotel do not know what they are talking about and never knew I have included the comments from the youtuber who created the video assuming the man in the kitchen was some one else, and in part he as correct. jmoney lied about being in the kitchen video Tereasa lied, and most of all the world lied about Kenneka Jenkins being in the Crown Plaza hotel we know she left the country before then.
    • This is Datnock Design another J4k Youtuber that hit a brick wall really believing Kenneka was dead any way listen to him tell you the man in the kitchen is part of the clean up crew to get rid of evidence and take pictures which is really dumb but a lot of these j4k believes are really far etched any way look at the comments they are under the video below.
    • People say its the uncle and some say its Suspicious, so I uploaded it again for the people to decide.. My apologies if any one feels some type of way..
    • QadriyyahDATKNOCKDESIGNthat aint no damned uncle..ibet we cant find one image of this mfka at her funeral.
    • Unknown Origin1 year agoThat’s Kenneka uncle doing his own investigation…..We seen this a month ago and he has been confirmed by Ms Teresa and Kenneka sister…He wanted to know what happened to his niece bc he believe the same thing we do. But keep digging bro keep digging…
    • Qadriyyah SyedQadriyyahidont believe sh*t thats confirmed from kenneka and her sis.. those 2 are some bad liars
    • Anne1 year agoCongrats on your baby boy. The moment I saw this man he was way out of place, taking pics with his camera. I also knew she was killed in that room
    • Anne@KIng Soloman ~If that was Kenneke’s uncle it makes her family and mom look very suspicious. How he know where she was found and the path she walked and no footage had been released yet?
    • King SolomonAnne No it does not make them look suspicious! He was taking pics of the work schedule,etc.Also you CAN NOT go by the time & date.The time stamps have been altered.People wants this family to be involved so bad.Its becoming ridiculous.The uncle is retracing her steps & showing “CARE & CONCERN.Nothing is suspicious about it.
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    • Anne@King Solomon ~ How do you know what he was taking pictures of??? How do you even know if this is her uncle???Please provide this proof. You people sticking up for the family, are putting them in the mess by claiming this person to be related to them. There is no way in hell this man would come in and walk in her pathway without being told exactly how she walked. Her mom doesnt even know this information at this time. So how is it this man knows exactly where to walk??? He took a picture of that room. There is no schedule there, it is a window into that room. He didnt even attempt to walk the other way, like he just knew she didnt walk that way buddy…..its common sense here
    • KingAnne cause this is old! Numerous people have did videos about this already.SMH
    • Anneand why are numerous people saying this is her uncle?? Can you even explain to me why this man walks in her pathway only??
    • AnneWho said this was her uncle and where is the proof if your not going to tell me
    • QadriyyahKing Solomonthat is not her mfkin uncle.. tfso u mean to tell me the uncle jus roaming the place TOTALLY ALONE? gtfoh
    • KingAnne proof? I’m not about to do the footwork for ya.Look for the PROOF that this “dude” is acting suspicious & u will find the TRUTH that he is not.Im not trying to bash u.Im just correcting u from demonizing a family member who is concerned about his love one.PEACE.
    • krissyAnne Okay this was after KeN’Neka’s mom and sister identified her body and she was rolled out in the body bag. But the cops told Mrs Martin she was Not allowed in any way shape or form to video or snap pictures of that area because it’s a potential crime scene. What did Mrs. Martin do?? The whole fucking opposite by sending in her family to go look. I bet his ass walked in the fridge and took pics and now they can never have a case even if there was one. But honestly this guy makes videos and makes up stupid dramatic stories and people believe him smh😤😤😭😭 And whats sad is he Knows he is selling you all (people who don’t fact check instead just jump right on in) bullshyt….. just like the weed man will sell you reg and swear it’s some Dro. Or like buying a big bag of chips to find out the medium has more.😡😒 She drank alcohol while popping pills had a blackout and ended up stuck somewhere she couldn’t get out of ,then after time hypothermia set in then KeN’Neka most likely sat down and eventually passed out and tumbled over on her side which could explain her legs going to the side but her upper half was faced down. I’m sure she struggled in that freezer when she couldn’t get out hitting and kicking walls.
    • KingQadriyyah Syed What wrong with him being alone?? He a grown ass man.If it was my niece,I would’ve been walking through that hotel doing the exact same thing.If u don’t think this is her uncle then go to social media & do your research.You will see pics of him & the family.1 has the caption “niggaz went after my niece that was a bitch ass move”.Hell,anybody who has been following this case from day 1,even with all the twist & misinformation being put out.Knows this is her Uncle.

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