#ppigstarHHnews: Another wild night ofshooting 2 hit and women gave aid at the scene “#KingOfContent”


I feel lucky
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  • Why are these babies out in the, where are the parents, for this kid to get shot in the face, I only check his vitals before the officers scooped him up and put him their cruiser to hospital. Where is the curfew. It takes me back of losing my own at the hands of man.. THESE ARE F***KING CHILDREN!!!!!!!
Correction Infinite Psy Op {Sarah] is not caucasion she is latin just like Cherry GLamorous, Al Crooks who we believe for a fact, is Al Crooks is Jewish again all n on black people that saw the powwer in black tragedies and saw it as a way to control and manipulate black people. Think about it Cherry Glamorous and Madame Thinault have been around the entire 2 years doiing what, I am releasing the screen shots of our relationship and it was nothing but drama rumors and trolling every day I truly believe she had a list and was using me and any other content create she and they could to get every one on that list off youtube why if I was you I say fuck Cherry and Psy Op they are latin racist black people divider that pop all that shit from the chat but softer than baby shit. And the reason you no longer see her friends around because they have been lyin to us all these months she is latuin to why she never helped us with any of this because she is a part of it.  But she dont care about Sarah either because she would not let her incriminate her self the way she allowed her for tqwo years funny thing about she is an accomplice. And a witness to it all frioiom Duke Murdock to Sarah.SO any way yall keep letting black people dicourage you froom providing something you can pass down to your kids I will not…………………Call I made to erietta Police to do a welfare check on Psy Op kids and mentally ill mother, because for real yall all this 50 year old woman does is lie, and harras black content creators on youtube with Cherry and she right there giving Duke Information we believe he wants to be the number one black content creator and he is not even black he is a Jew that made up a radio fraud scheme with GCI radio station Sarah and Cherry helped spoiled now they in chats befriending people wioth him just to divide people. Carry On  
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