#DDSN:Forest Hill band performance at Brookhaven High School, calls it “highly inappropriate”


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 MrsLatonya Dixon My daughter is in that band and she said those guns were not introduced until last night as a part of their field show. They had ZERO practices involving toy guns.Kimberly I had someone come to my status about this foolishness and tell me that the band director had the kids practicing this show for months and didn’t know what happened in Brookhaven. I knew BS when I see it. Telling me how he couldn’t change it last minute. Thank you for speaking outLeah Gunn  MrsLatonya Dixon I hope yall demand the director be reprimandedMrsLatonya Kimberly  they did practice for months but not with toy guns. It was definitely in poor taste but the band director is really a remarkable person. He’s human and he’s not exempt from making poor decisions as we all have. There was no malice in heart last night and no harm was meant.Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, textKimberly MrsLatonya Dixon I said in my status last night it was in poor taste especially with what just happened in Brookhaven. Unfortunately despite the fact of the band director being a remarkable person (I don’t know him ) he might lose his job behind this b…SeeRose  Cheramie Kay BillsCheramie Rose Marie  tyJulie Given the loss of two officers in Brookhaven a week ago and that they were buried yesterday, this should NOT have occurred on THEIR home field. The band director had to know about these events and to do this at this time?? No excuse for it.MrsLatonya I’m going to say this and be done with it. Say whatever you want about the district, the director, the principal, the security guard, etc; but don’t bash people’s children because they are just that, CHILDREN! Children are off limits, period!Michelle MrsLatonya Dixon, I completely support you and any other parent of these children. The children obviously we’re used in this situation as a pawn and it’s outrageous that anyone would or should blame the kids. I do however believe that the director and administrators should be held accountable. I don’t believe any action should be taken against the children.David These students are old enough to know what is appropriate and what is NOT appropriate. They should have questioned this show LONG before Friday night’s exhibition.Tanika Michelle Wiginton that’s what some people are doing. They are blaming the kids. That’s their grade. I’m a parent of a former band student. I hate those kids are being blamed for this. Its not their faults.Cee I know there had to be some kids that were not ok with doing this routine, but were probably told to do it or be kicked out of band. Some of these kids are hoping to get band scholarships for college and had no choice but to go on. Some of them have pr…See MoreAriel Children BEING taught to play shooting a cop… oh yeah yals director real REMARKABLE! REMARKABLE IGNORANT actually the whole school district is despicable!MrsLatonya  Ariel Thurston just like bitch who birthed you!Caryn Wittig MrsLatonya Dixon , the kids could have walked away and Just Said NO , but they chose to go through with the proformance. So they are just as guilty.I would have applauded the students who did say NO and walked away , instead of shaking my head at the ones who made BAD choices. They are old enough to know right from wrong.Leah Gunn MrsLatonya Dixon I agree, that is why I believe it is imperative for the parents to get ahead of the fallout and demand something be done or sadly the kids will be blamedAshley Ryanna  Caryn Thomas technically speaking yes, but you would get in trouble and your grade would suffer. Obviously some things are more important than others, but as a kid who was in band, I knew NOTHING about the places we played and nothing about theGaryKimberly William Teachers in Mississippi are not at will employees . They cannot be fired for no reason and have to have due process .Caryn  Ashley Ryanna  , saying grades are a reason to NOT think for yourself is a cop out.Administration would look at the issue surrounding the issue of the dropped grade and ruled with the student.They made a decision and they need to be held accountable for their choice.Caryn MrsLatonya  , So in practice they were told they would be …Pointing their fingers at the police and the police would lay down??…See MoreBeauxMrsLatonya  delete this please, you have been spot on the facts, some will never understand and some will never change.Ron J  Wrong not going to defend the band director. But those kids are not guilty. Most kids don’t even watch the news so you sir can stfu. With that bull shit .Philip  I’m curious. Why did they introduce them last night specifically?Philip  Beaux Stevens she makes an interesting statement. I’d like to know why the guns were introduced last night for the first time? I’m curious as to the thought process.Philip  Gary correct. It’s called the School Employment Procedures Act (“SEPA”).Darein C. they have a John Q theme based off the Denzel Washington movie 🎥. In the movie he holds a hospital hostage because they deny his son an organ transplant. Those who have seen the movie know what happened. The timing and the place should have been considered.Shannon I feel really badly for most of the kids involved as I’m sure they were not expecting that…it’s truly egregious…can’t pray on a football field but that’s a-okay! 😢Sandy sShould fire band director and principal and any teachers that knew of this. Also should suspend all band performance. The state should also be informed because they perform in State competitions.MrsLatonya The theme was from the movie John Q. They practiced this show since the summer. The band director’s intent was to bring awareness to health care solutions and the lack thereof as depicted in the movie. That’s the understanding I was given.Sherrell Forest hill football team, band, drill team all need to be suspended for the duration of this school year.Quinn  Yall don’t care about what happened or why it happened on the field yall just wanna see someone lose their job.Big Mama’s Quinn Hollins what was the symbolism they were going for? I’m trying to see their perspective .Quinn  Big Mama’s Bail BondingCaryn Quinn  BuLL shitAn abscure scene in a movie the most have forgotten.Juat a cover your ass move on the staffs part to defuse the issue of it being wrong on so many levels… …See MoreQuinn  Caryn Wittig Thomas who were the police officers??Caryn Quinn , students? In police uniforms.Who, should have questioned the directors asinine idea of a halftime show. Which I have read has been in the works since May.Don’t go showing me the screen shot of someone saying they didn’t do anythi…See MoreMelanie This is SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!Quinnok we can dissgreefudgement, lack of taste and civility, and those associated with this act should be fired and taken out of leadership roles for our children no matter what the excuse was. If we don’t uphold high standards in education then we produce mob rule and gang mentalities.Jeanna  As a RN and citizen they protect… this makes me FURIOUS!!!!! The BAND director needs to be fired immediatelyShantell  Big Mama’s Bail Bonding I saw this on another post….. Just want to share this from the section leader of Forest Hill’s band.All students of FH we need to stand out and speak loud. Because of our performance last night, people have misunderstood t…See MoreZW  The director suspended.Leea  I’m so tired of POC folding!!!! OMG!!! IT WASNT ABOUT ANY DAMN COPS! IT WAS A POSITIVE MESSAGE!!! Just because you don’t agree with something somebody does, doesn’t make it WRONG!!! Regardless if you get the message or not, everyone has a right to express what they want!Katrina Yeah this is not going to go over well at all. And there are JPS parents who feel this wasn’t tactful as well.Sharon  I would love to know why this performance was ever deemed OK no gun is allowed on school property real or fake.Corbin . I get it now, if it’s really from the Movie John Q. I do remember that scene. But I don’t think it should’ve been done in a field show.Cassie This is NOT about cops having guns drawn on them!!!!! This is about teenagers being taught to play with guns IN A SCHOOL SPONSORED ACTIVITY!!!!!!!!! Yes, it was bad timing to take place in Brookhaven. But the bigger picture is you have an adult employe…See MoreJerry Our community didn’t deserve this after the loss of 2 of our officers just a week prior. For that matter, this would be wrong in any community.Amber Ethan  can’t hear what’s being played/said but here’s a video I found… Not sure you can tell much about it!!ManageJanice Bands and football are for entertainment and showcasing the talents of the students but this political statement was so shameful in lite of all the law officers that were gunned down this week.Grace Rooks What were you thinking…oh you werent…most ignorant thing I have ever seen. I have no words..im amazed at how stupid this is.[TheChamp-GP-Comments][TheChamp-FB-Comments]



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