‘A pain no one should ever go through’ | 16-month-old fights extremely rare cancer


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2 weeks ago

  • The fight for life started immediately after a North Carolina mom found a lump under her son Mari’s arm.

    ‘A pain no one should ever go through’ | 16-month-old fights extremely rare cancer

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    1. Ollie Eaton says:

      Condolences to the family. I did not see the message before. Any children out there that need assistance. Call St Judes Hospital 18002375055.

    2. Mary Tanner says:

      Prayers for strength, courage, hugs. 🙏✝🙏🙅🙏🙅🙏

    3. Praying for strength and peace of mind and Good Lord got his little angel take care no sickness

    4. Unfortunately, he lost his battle tonight at 9pm and is no longer in pain. I know some of his family personally. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. Cancer sucks! I hope I never have to experience anything like this. Hug your babies tight! #Maristrong

    5. So heartbreaking. This is why I question so much…

    6. Ann Burris says:

      Prayers for the family

    7. What a beautiful face 🙏🏻

    8. 😥prayers for strength and comfort

    9. Seen this on the news,my heart breaks for this family. He’s one of God’s Angels now.RIP Praying for the family

    10. Kitty Bondy says:

      Many prayers♥️💔

    11. Prayers, bless him…so sad,so sorry…r.i.p. little angel of God’s ..

    12. Oh my god I’m so sorry bless you all xxx

    13. Haley Branam Johnson 🙁

    14. Bless his heart. Prayers

    15. Betty Piece says:

      Praying GOD will give family peace

    16. Ashley Smash says:

      Can not imagine how much his poor momma and daddy are hurting right now. No parent should have to watch their child go through that. I hope they find peace in all of this one day.


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