CMPD hands out cards reminding Latino communities they don’t enforce immigration laws


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2 weeks ago

  • “They have to work, and they go to work, but they’re still scared.”

    CMPD hands out cards reminding Latino communities they don’t enforce immigration laws

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    1. Al Norton says:

      Never thought I would see the day when police officers refuse to enforce the law but that is now the policy apparently of the sheriff’s dept and CMPD..I believe the sheriff acted on his own and the PD is acting on orders of the city government…law abiding citizens have no protection only illegal immigrants, sex trafficators, and drug smugglers are protected by the PD

    2. Perhaps if we feel it unreasonable to enforce current immigration policy, it needs to be revised – or perhaps help people who are hear illegally attain legal status. Even for many jobs you have to present your documentation to show you are a citizen or here legally with the legal right to work here. Even a driver’s license! However, reforming immigration laws/policy and then enforcing it would not allow as the abuse of illegals that goes on, with employers hiring under-the-table and paying below minimum wage, and the workers how no recourse because of the threat of being found out. We have gone so long not enforcing the law that we have created a big problem for ourselves, because people took the risk to come here and hope they could get by – or their parents did, and brought them along.

    3. Disgusting, can’t believe the so called officers would do this.

    4. Just wondering….. any other LAWS they don’t enforce? Asking for a friend.

    5. John Borja says:

      They are illegal. That means they are breaking the law.
      what part breaking the law or illegal does anyone doesn’t understand.?

    6. Roland Boney says:

      The idea that immigrants don’t know the difference between ICE and local authorities is ludicrous. I believe the statement should be illegal immigrants fear local authorities. Local authorities should also pass out cards to citizens stating what other laws they won’t be enforcing. Can’t appear to give the impression they are discriminatory.

    7. City and State police have never and will never be tasked to enforce what are exclusively Federal laws. Charlotte nor any other city has that authority. They can detain and give Federal authorities an opportunity to intervene, but that is the extent of their authority. That is the way the law works. It is very black and white.

    8. They should be arrested for breaking the law

    9. If they scared maybe they up to no good

    10. Jack Treible says:

      NBC’s refusal to use the phrase “illegal immigration “

    11. DV Orion says:

      Since CMPD is not enforcing Federal laws, that means I can walk down the street with a machine gun, right?

    12. Robin Neeley says:

      They don’t enforce anything these days.

    13. Bunch of ignorant comments… i bet some of you hypocrites still eat at Mexican restaurants.. since all of you are so Anti Immigration… stick to your own food…

    14. Dana Davis says:

      It’s a little disturbing how many people don’t know the difference between federal and state 💁

    15. Janine Marie says:

      Work, as in jobs that could be filled by American citizens????????????????

    16. JT Kling says:

      When they should be arresting them and sending them back…. so sad! But yet you got a gram of weed and your going to jail

    17. So can I get a pass on my speeding ticket?

    18. Mike Rink says:

      Absolutely DISGUSTING. What OTHER laws is the CMPD going to decide not to enforce? How about we don’t enforce speed limits? How about we don’t enforce laws against stealing? How about we don’t enforce property tax collection? For that matter, why do we feel any obligation to pay the police or the Sheriff if they aren’t going to do what they are paid to do?


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