Ex Florida Cop Nouman Raja Found Guilty of Manslaughter, Attempted Murder for Killing Stranded Black Motorist Corey Jones


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2 weeks ago

  • Ex Florida Cop Nouman Raja Found Guilty of Manslaughter, Attempted Murder for Killing Stranded Black Motorist Corey Jones

    Ex Florida Cop Nouman Raja Found Guilty of Manslaughter, Attempted Murder for Killing Stranded Black Motorist Corey Jones

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A fired Florida police officer was found guilty of manslaughter and attempted murder Thursday for the fatal 2015 shooting of a stranded black motorist, becoming the first…
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    1. Jerrell Bacy says:

      The “Blue Code” only works for White Boys!
      Now he knows, ‘Light ain’t White’

    2. Pat Jackson says:

      My thought, I’m trying to understand the attempt murder, I thought there was one person killed.? ?

    3. Nelda Bailey says:

      He thought he could act like his white counterparts!

    4. He thought the uniform was gonna save him but he 4got he still Brown

    5. Thank goodness!! I’m glad he was convicted,but agree with those that say he was convicted because of his skin color

    6. Bro Donovan says:

      Wow, a lot of MESS be happening in the Sunshine state.

    7. Sitara Ria says:

      You can kill black brothers and sisters but you might not be so lucky like the majority. Just be careful and be prepared when things didn’t go yr way. #JustSaying#

    8. Nelda Bailey says:

      They have not convicted any white men for same.

    9. Even foreigners/other people of color, from countries that are 20 times more crime riddin than any “ghetto” in America, is racist against black people. This is a shame! The only dofference is, because he is a minority, he can be convicted! I want to know the sentence (prison time) he will recieve because they charged him with a lesser crime. #Waiting

    10. So Evil and so much hatred in this world.

    11. Jasper Stone says:

      Hollow victory when so many should have been convicted. The justice system needs major reform

    12. Yvonne Lee says:

      Wrong complexion for police protection.

    13. Is it their duty to murder us? An unwritten rule of superiority……

    14. They letting everyone know who’s in charge including the browns just in case they had gotten cocky with the few advantages they were given to spite blacks and disenfranchised us from the 14th amendment created for blacks.😉

    15. It is what it is. Now do the same for the other killings 😢

    16. Trash 🗑 that needs to be locked up

    17. No white privilege here.

    18. Manslaughter means that he will be out in 10yrs. Slap on the wrist

    19. Micki Murphy says:

      Wait, how in the hell is he convicted of manslaughter and ATTEMPTED MURDER???
      He killed a stranded motorist, so why can’t they just call it MURDER???
      Attempted implies that the man is still ALIVE! This leaves it open for a crooked judge to give the creep a reduced sentence.
      Well, at least they’re actually holding a rotten apple accountable.

    20. Koa Ishikawa says:

      One down millions more

    21. Put him in general!!!!!!

    22. He thought skin folks was gone treat him like skin folks because he’s an officer…
      LMAO Ctfu Rotf

    23. But he’s ‘brown’ so this is in fact justice

    24. Attempted murder??? It’s not “attempted” if the guy was murdered. He still got off easy. Manslaughter is a lesser offense.

    25. Brown or not, he assassinated an innocent man. It’s a start for accountability.

    26. He must’ve thought he was white lol 😂

    27. Why is it manslaughter an attempted murder he killed him out right it should’ve been 1st degree PERIOD

    28. So they’re making an example of this Guy. What happened to all the white privilege cops that walk free!! 🙄

    29. Because he’s not white

    30. Lou Spezio says:

      If the cop was named Chad and didn’t have brown skin – he would have walked because : Florida=Babylon

    31. If he was white, he would have gotten off.

    32. Stacy White says:

      He had the badge but not the COMPLEXION for the protection.

    33. Although I’m happy to see justice was on the side of Corey’s family and the community may look at this as a win….let keep our eyes open Mr Raja was only found guilty because his skin was brown


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