‘It’s Better Than Going to Disneyland’: Throngs of Visitors Flock to See Super Blooms Around SoCal


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1 week ago

  • How would you rather spend your day: a pricey trip to the happiest place on Earth or traipsing through a field of flowers?

    ‘It’s Better Than Going to Disneyland’: Throngs of Visitors Flock to See Super Blooms Around SoCal

    In the hills of Lake Elsinore, children carried drooping apricot-colored poppies while panting dogs ran alongside them, their paws tainted orange. Girls braided flowers into their hair and nature photographers juggled tripods and cameras, waiting for the lighting to be just right in Walker Canyon.
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    1. Nothing is better than Disneyland

    2. HA! Disney any day hands down! 🐭❤️
      This would be nice too, but as a one time experience. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    3. Sergio Quin says:

      This is causing accidents on the 15S from distracted drivers, theres was 3 today

    4. Flower trasping! I’ve been to Disneyland more than enough times.

    5. Laura Ortega says:

      Disneyland of course !! But I can’t afford it!

    6. Disneyland any day. And then some. Though I can’t afford it. Lol.

    7. Stephen Yang says:

      Those flowers are pretty, but Star Wars Land won’t inflame my allergies…

    8. Disneyland has flowers as well even actual ducks

    9. People going to take selfie’s and leave there plastic and paper behind Get a life

    10. Well after just finishing up day 4 at Disneyland, I’d have to say frolicking through the flowers rather than trampling through thousands of people!

    11. Just looking at these pictures makes me get bee anxiety.

    12. Debra Shaver says:

      Pickin’, stompin’, trampin’. Nature at it’s best, people at their worst

    13. Don Nelson says:

      Disneyland is extremely overrated…🤷‍♂️

    14. Natalie Mir says:

      They are destroying them. Stay on the trails!!!

    15. Judi Bowater says:

      Please enjoy but don’t trample them.

    16. Marci Baun says:

      But, please, don’t lay in the flowers.

    17. Go ahead and go. We’re full at Disneyland.

    18. yeahhhh traipsing through the flowers exactly what we’re gonna not do. Enjoy that tangerine bloom from the TRAIL people

    19. please don’t traipse. stay on the trails, so they can return again

    20. & people will ruin it just like they ruin everything else. Stomping all over the flowers. 😒

    21. The traffic to get there is longer than any line you’ll wait in Disneyland..

    22. Armando Boyd says:

      Just sad to see the knuckleheads trampling on the plants. 😑🤨😑

    23. The butterflies migrating need them so PLEASE be KIND!!

    24. Greg Armijo says:

      I went to the see the poppies in the morning then I went to Disneyland at night to eat this

    25. Bebe this is what I saw on the way to santee lakes … by then it was only few but look at this now … can we go here again pls ? Denzil Punzalan

    26. Claudia Cano says:

      The trip here is so worth it!!

    27. Luxx Torres says:

      Disneyland is so unbelievably expensive, I rather spend it in touch with Mother Nature.

    28. Armando Boyd says:

      From our trip a week ago Tuesday.😎🌼😎👍

    29. Sounds nice but not with throngs if visitors. If I go…I want to see flowers, not people.

    30. Uhhhh why cant people just enjoy the beauty instead of stepping all over it 🤷‍♀️

    31. Je Campster says:

      Beautiful but I’d rather see it from the road so they can reseed for next year 🦋

    32. Come visit but please please stay on the trails!!

    33. Pamm Riddle says:

      When going…..don’t pick the flowers and/or walk/trample them so we can ALL enjoy them! And pick up after yourselves and your furry friends!

    34. I rather be in a field filled with beautiful colorful flowers

    35. Best enjoyed from the trails, people! And if it’s really warm, better watch where you’re sitting! Rattlesnakes don’t care who you are.

    36. It maybe beautiful but I rather go to Disneyland.

    37. really nice I would love to take my kids but I heard that you have to be careful with the rattlesnakes… So I rather Take Themto Disneyland


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