Lori Loughlin Loses Starring Roles on Hallmark Channel After Alleged College Admissions Bribery


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2 weeks ago

  • “We are saddened by the recent allegations surrounding the college admissions process,” Hallmark Cards Inc., parent company of the Crown Media Family Networks group that includes the Hallmark Channel, said in a statement.

    Lori Loughlin Loses Starring Roles on Hallmark Channel After Alleged College Admissions Bribery

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    1. Okay @Target it’s your turn!! @Mossimo need to go too!!

    2. She is insanely rich, she will be fine!!

    3. Those movies are just awful.

    4. Wow this is really pretty sad. Choices were made and the outcome not so good.

    5. Rere Lopez says:

      Their about to be Broke folks like the rest of us 😂😂

    6. Dan Miller says:

      That doesn’t matter her daughters are much more important to her than working for Hallmark I’m sure she would be okay with that

    7. And just like that she goes Down!!!

    8. Still don’t know who she is…

    9. Now she can get on the life time channel.

    10. Next story please, so over this!

    11. She posted a million dollar bond I think she will be alright

    12. So did she surrender her passport????

    13. Losers money talks but you got caught Lol!!! So unfair to all the students that study so hard to succeed for a better future. You play, you pay and what goes around comes around jail time 🤬

    14. Andrea Boo says:

      BYE AUNT BECKY 🙌✋✋✋ 😂

    15. Lenny Ramos says:

      Don’t we think the students should be kicked out of school?

    16. Oscar Ortiz says:

      Who care we will do anything for our kids future

    17. Its normal, we were always taught get the grades or have the money, is the only way you go to good colleges

    18. Can’t wait for her new cameo in the final season of Orange is The New Black

    19. Jason Moehr says:

      More Lacey Chabert!!

    20. We all have to face consequences.

    21. Allegations 😂 your Brilliant Dtr has a video saying she doesn’t care about school just wants to party and be cool 😎 in College
      Yeah … she got in on her 4.0 GPA 😉🤣 sure….

    22. Lisa Brogdon says:

      “Admissions process”??? Process??? Cheating scandal is more accurate.

    23. My concern is that we’re too quick to rush to judgment. She hasn’t been convicted of anything. And frankly, what she did has been going on for years, usually with the college itself bending the rules for athletes, alumni, well connected, etc. Why the government is just now making a big deal and prosecuting it is beyond me. And, only people with that much money can afford the tuition at the colleges involved anyway.

    24. O well. Don’t feel sorry for her at all.

    25. Can’t feel bad. You get what you ask for.

    26. Randy Kerns says:

      Not sad at all. She got caught now it’s time to own up to it

    27. Hallmark should capitalize on this.
      New movies like;
      1)I may or may not be home for Christmas.
      2) A white collar Christmas.
      3) 🤣🤣🤣

    28. Y’all have Becky we have Jussie. It’s a hot mess out there.

    29. I heard Hallmark sent a goodbye card 👀🐸☕️

    30. No!!!! Not Aunt Becky 😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭

    31. My question is;

      Will Target band the Mossimo brand?

    32. Nik Silvers says:

      She should know better.

    33. Oscar Ortiz says:

      Who said life is fair


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