Mosque massacre hero ‘wrestled gun from killer and forced him to flee in waiting car’


I feel lucky
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    He must have saved countless lives. WHAT A HERO!

    Mosque massacre hero ‘wrestled gun from killer and forced him to flee in waiting car’

    Source [vid_embed]2019-03-15 16:15:05

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    1. The fiction gets more convoluted.

    2. Jad Ayesh says:

      “Hello, Brother” were the last words of the first victim. As he faced a rifle, his last words were peaceful words of unconditional love. DO NOT tell me that nonviolence is weak or pacifism is cowardice. I have seen the face of God.


    3. please God the next time am on line I pray this fool is in custody our of the planet thank in advance

    4. David Sayre says:

      Time for Butt Midler to sing her song about heros

    5. Another drug addict is on the loose.

    6. I Must of looked away when that happend🤔

    7. He came from Australia with guns? If didn’t had guns then where he bought guns from New Zealand? is it really easy to get guns in New Zealand as foreigner it looks quite puzzled. The way he was shooting seemed professional

    8. Steve Smith says:

      Liverpool got Porto in the CL. — just saying

    9. Kim Whiting says:

      Poorly written article has nothing to do with the headline. Daily mail does not employ the best journalists. :/
      That said, the attack continued after that video ended.

    10. 49 people. Numbers like that NEVER happen where concealed carry is practiced. Fists and phones won’t do it when another victim is dropping every second.

    11. Kev Roberts says:

      Yep.. it is a heroic act if true… Cannot deny it.

    12. i thought New Zealand is a peaceful country. Now i changed my view…

    13. Mel Iwikau says:

      So this absolutely did NOT happen! I watched his 17 minute live feed…
      News just reaching here…

    14. Police response was very slow, more than 20 minutes after incident 😐

    15. Kim Eyre says:

      i watched the whole video to the point where he left and there was no wrestling lmao

    16. I watched the whole thing and that didn’t happen

    17. Nobody wrestled the gun from
      Him,, watch the video the shooter posted
      More fake news as usual

    18. Rovin Gurung says:

      Absolutely lie . That never happened.I’ve watched full footage .

    19. Kwazi Athule says:

      I saw the video, one guy who tried to grab him got shot and went down instantly, there was no wrestling

    20. No he didn’t flee after that.

    21. I’ll take things that didnt happen for $500. Watch the video yourself.

    22. Selina Howl says:

      Is there nothing at all happening in the world today because this is all that has been filling my feed up all day long 😴

    23. I must have watched a different footage …for 17mins and i didn’t see anything like it

    24. Usama Naseer says:

      India is behind this new reports says


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