Mother of Girl Whose Body Was Found in Duffel Bag in Hacienda Heights Extradited to California for Questioning


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  • The woman was being held for an alleged parole violation while detectives continued investigating her possible involvement in the death of her daughter, officials said.

    Mother of Girl Whose Body Was Found in Duffel Bag in Hacienda Heights Extradited to California for Questioning

    The mother of a 9-year-old girl whose was found dead in a duffel bag at the bottom of an embankment in Hacienda Heights arrived in California for questioning Thursday after she was detained in Texas on an alleged parole violation, authorities said. Taquesta Graham, 28, has not been named a suspect i…
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    1. Steffanie Miramontes read this

    2. Vic Allred says:

      Why was the mother in Texas and not home with her daughter???

    3. They said they were homeless? Didn’t the dad know about this? Poor sweet baby girl 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

    4. Y el Papa que?

      Was he not aware of his daughter being homeless?

    5. Laurie Pitet says:

      This poor baby girl. Monsters!!! 😡

    6. Dana Sunny says:

      Mother had something to do with it or she would of said something after she was found but not she’s guilty

    7. I was almost extradited to Colorado with a 1.5 million dollar bail as a Fugitive . .. Then released and all charges dropped . 25 years later they re- opened the case and came to get me again ..Then dropped the case again .. Why do I feel like this is NO BIG DEAL .. Oh Because it’s happened to me twice .. ALL pigs ARE DIRTY!! …. Harmonica Jay

    8. Mary Anna says:

      So her daughter been missing since the 1st correct ? Since the 5th of March there’s been a sketch , clothing , newsfeeds , social media feeds , going around everywhere about this beautiful lil girl and not one time did mom report her missing , are step up like a mom would and claim that baby , instead she stuck by her man side and tried to flee the city I’m sure she watched the news she didn’t care not one bit ! she definitely had something to do with it she’s a heartless , sad excuse for a women , mother , human peridot!

    9. I don’t get it …why isn’t she being charged????

    10. Olivia Lujan says:

      Evil guy!! Poor girl R.I.P

    11. Brisa Taylor says:

      Sweet girl. May you Rest In Peace 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    12. A beautiful little girl that deserved so much more. 💔

    13. Mary O'Brien says:

      Poor sweet baby girl. Rest in Peace sweet angel baby. You deserved better than what life dealt you.

    14. This b*^%+ is 💯 involved!! Wtf, you doing in Texas???? And your boyfriend at an airport???? 🤬Trying to escape is my guess cause guilty ones always run!!!
      RIP sweet Trinity 🧸🎀

    15. R.I.P. Angel.
      You didn’t deserve this.

    16. Mary Settle says:

      Even leaving your child with some strange man is wrong, NEVER EVER leave your child with a person you may know has a broken past. I cant, I just cant they BOTH need to suffer slow and long. A beautiful life wasted behind two sick azz individuals. Why? Why? Why???????? So sad.

    17. Father failed her,Aunty failed her, mother helped or allowed her to be killed all adults surrounding her failed her…

    18. Mother? She’s a monster

    19. So looks like they were both trying to flee but she was detained on an unrelated warrant? Sounds like they both had something to do with it. Poor baby girl. May she rest in peace.

    20. The mom has to have something to do with this! She is just as guilty as anyone to let someone or herself harm her own blood. Her daughter all over the news, family members talking to press, showing up to court hearing. & where is she no where to be seen? If she was a concerned mother she would be seeking justice for her daughter

    21. Everytime I see this little Angel’s face my heart breaks. She was so very precious and these monsters that were supposed to take care of her killed her . Rest in paradise Trinity Love Jones ❤

    22. Sheena Beena says:

      Jesika Alexandria Aguilar Cindy Herrera Aguilar

    23. Possible involvement??? This man has a wrap sheet longer than ever. This man should have not been nowhere near this young girl! Mom was just happy to have a man that she put her child on the back burner. And she never reported her child missing. She is very much involved!

    24. Angela Lloyd says:

      Don’t ever post his picture next to this precious baby again!

    25. Guilty for sure she knew


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