My college professor is a half-naked, fire-wielding acrobat


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2 weeks ago

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    “New York is the perfect place to have a double life.”

    My college professor is a half-naked, fire-wielding acrobat

    It’s hard not to be “hot” for this teacher. Professor Andrea Jones-Rooy, Ph.D., is a political scientist by day. By night, she’s a fire-wielding — and often half-naked — circus performer. Watch as …
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    1. It used to be…
      Anybody, camera wannabe photographers destroyed that years ago…
      If you weren’t born before 1990 in nyc. Which i was born before that…you have no idea what awesome life used to look like.

    2. Waiting for the dumbest comment 😅😅

    3. Gotta pay the bills New York is not cheap place to live ….

    4. Lindsay Kuck says:

      What is this, varsity blues 2019?

    5. Will McAvoy says:

      Ok? Why do I care? Its her life, she doesnt need it plastered for the world to see. Leave her alone

    6. Of course she is. Also tenured!

    7. Steve Jones says:

      I knew she’d be teaching something about politics

    8. Teachers need hobbies.

    9. Abigail K. Duah-Antwi

    10. Why couldn’t I get cool profs like that? Sigh.

    11. Jul Maree says:

      Jenifer Diamond🤣🤣

    12. And that’s one reason college costs so much

    13. NY is definitely where all walks of life fit in.

    14. So that figures why no one gets a decent education in NY.


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