Anita gives a update on Kierra Cole


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5 months ago

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    Umbrella corp#SMSpotfs:Kiera Cole missing postal worker Mother and Father GCi radio interview “STOP THE THREATS!”J WrightThat’s what I would assume since she was a postal worker would the Feds be involvedRobin DSmh. All those camras. Like really. Give that man the real footage.Chatay rCheck under rocks by water and that Josh Simmons has something to do with her missing please check every river and beach lakes streamsread the article se the videos and catch up on the 2 month s mystery of the missing postal worker Like this facebook page now! Planet of the Fakes this group on FB Planet of the Fakes support by visiting POTFStubethe censorship must cease paypal Donate towards POTFStube wanted Register at http://www.amor-ica.comemailpotfsextreme@gmail.comDiscalimer:*THESE VIDEOS ARE IN FAIR USE AND FREE SPEECH OF THE 1ST AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION WHICH, IN MY HARBORING STATE ALLOWS ME TO SPEAK FREELY ON THIS PLATFORM. *IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE VIEWS EXPRESSED OR THE PERSON/PERSONS PRESENTING CONTENT YOU ARE WELCOME TO LEAVE, THE LIKES COMPARED TO DISLIKES ALONE SHOULD SHOW YOU THATTHIS CONTENT IS LOVED MORE BY THE PUBLIC THAN DISLIKED. THIS CHANNEL SHOULD NOT BE EFFECTED BY THE PETTY FLAGGING OF MINORITY OF VIEWERS. *NOTE TO YOUTUBE: CYBER BULLYING IS WHEN A GROUP OF PEOPLE CONTINUOUSLY STRIKE YOUR PAGE BECAUSE THEY DONT LIKE YOU AS A PERSON. THIS IS BULLYING AT THE FULLESTEXTENT. *ATTENTION YOUTUBE! ATTENTION YOUTUBE! YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN VERY BIAS LATELY, THERE ARE CERTAIN YOUTUBERS ORGANIZING “FLAG TEAMS” AND MALICIOUSLY FLAGGING CHANNELS WITH NO REASONING, AND INSTEAD OF YOUTUBE LOOKING INTO IT, IT SEEMS LIKE THEY JUST TAKE THESE FLAGS AS TRUTH AND FACE VALUE, BUT IN ALL ACTUALLY IT IS STALKING/HARASSING FREE SPEECH OF THE CONSTITUTION. I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THE WAY THE REPORTING/FLAGGING IS SET-UP IN THE PLATFORM, AS LONG AS IT IS DONE FAIR. IF A PERSON IS TALKED ABOUT, I FEEL THEY THEMSELVES NEED TO PUT IN A GRIEVANCE OF BEING BULLIED, IF THEY THINK THEY ARE, OR THEY HAVE PROOF. ALSO YOUTUBE…..HOW CAN YOU GUYS TAKE CHANNELS THAT HAVE MORE LIKE/SUB SUPPORT THAN THE FLAGS THAT ARE BEING MALICIOUSLY PLACED ON THE VIDEOS. WHAT HAPPENED TO POPULAR CONSESUS? WHAT HAPPENED TOTHE MAJORITY VOTE? Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.We are merely speaking on events in todays society. All views expressed on this channel are not the thoughts and actions of the owner.–*Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS* Also, these are Allegations and should not be perceived as truth or slander, for educational purposes in fair use and free speech. Also these are soley allegations….nothing more nothing less. Also these are pure allegation, nothing more, nothing less. Also, the views expressed in this video are simply allegations; nothing more, nothing less
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    1. My heart goes out to you sir because my dad would have never given up on me either. So sad how you have to go through this alone.

    2. Kathy Tate says:

      Mr Coles need to go the first 48 to find her

    3. Please find her and someone help her father with food and shelter come on blacks we need to stick together.

    4. I like that…Cut the street with me.

    5. Kim Smith says:

      I have literally heard on the news everyday about some Caucasian women missing. The same ones missing. I've seen daily updates Every day. It is Sad that this young lady doesn't receive the same coverage. All stones are unturned when it comes to white women. With African American women, you will hear this statement "We can't solve this case without the help of the community" and then it goes to a cold case… Then nothing… AGAIN! Smh!

    6. He is such a good daddy, reminds me of my old man, I truly hope she is found😘

    7. This lady severely irritated me! Ugh.

    8. Andre Hill says:

      Command sense don't add up. Why would you call off work and then be seen with her uniform on. Yea wright .

    9. Mak Mak says:

      he misses his child. keep the faith. trust God. ny heart goes out.

    10. Lady Missy says:

      The USP is offering $25,000. They should offer this dedicated and concerned father shelter being that he is out living in his car day in and day out.

    11. What's done in the dark shell come to the light…

    12. Daddy looks like Bobby Brown !!

    13. Kay Zion says:

      I don't understand why he won't answer questions directly so ppl can understand what happened

    14. Pat Washum says:

      My prayers for your daughter dad of Keira Coles keep on looking to you can't look no more too have mercy Lord Jesus Christ!!!!!!!! Her family want her found please please help if you can !!!!

    15. Today is my first time hearing about this story (12-17-2018). What is the update on her and the family?

    16. Praying for you and Very well spoken ❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    17. two words…..ORGAN TRAFFICKING

    18. There is allot behind this and the police is not helping at all so this is prolonging more and more if this was a white person they would've been found a long time ago. Her family needs to know the truth of what happened.

    19. My thoughts are she got into a fight with her so called boyfriend other girlfriend because their both pregnant dating the same man they all worked together. They set her up because he didn't wanna be with Kierra he had a group of people jump her misplace her body to get rid of evidence. The guy and the girl both quit their job so that right there is a red flag. Please keep looking for her out there this family needs closure I pray for them and to have peace. I guarantee she's suffered allot being that it's cold outside.

    20. K. Mill says:

      And the worse thing… she could be right in someone's basement next door. It appears like some trafficking thing or gang related. Its normally very close to the fam.

    21. it may be her boyfriend the reason I say this is because he avoided you when you came to his house he knew who you was and knows what's going but wont talk to you or tell you anything not even the last time he saw her or his last words with her. that would bring a red flag to my brain and that was his girlfriend why is not concerned.

    22. it should not be about the money the reason your helping to find this woman what if is was someone else's sister, niece  or daughter etc. they would have been on it long time ago.

    23. God bless the family and this Amazing Black father so proud of My upstanding African American Men like him! I hope they find her

    24. they keep saying about getting this person locked up . who please ???????????? how people not know its a few or a gang hmmmmmmmmmmmmm i see suspects

    25. Qiona Clark says:

      My heart goes out to the family and prayers that she returns and that she's okay. Praying

    26. money teez says:

      Damn this is so disheartening. I pray they find this young lady. I don't understand why the police is not doing more. I wish I could be out there to help.

    27. j glover says:

      I wonder if they had a chamce to get into her house. Well, that was a stupid question… They had her keys so maybe,they already did. My bad…. I think, it is something going on slick because, i dont trust andrew holmes or whoever else that been out there working for the kenneka conspiracy… The cops arent doing their jobs thoroughly out there to me. It is too many people coming up missing with no answers. Somebody know something. They probably think they will get set up if they tell something they know

    28. j glover says:

      Im glad the truth is coming out from a real father who cares.


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