Bloody Blondes – By Chosen King


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1 month ago

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    1. Yahweh's Son says:

      Brooooooooooo check out her earrings @ 7:31 dude noooooo brooooooo. Bruh that's one of many signs of Lucifer. Dude oh my goodness this is crazy. You freaking sacrificed your daughter!

    2. J Smooth says:

      I’ll give you a mid range, but you didn’t slam dunk it playboy. Since we’re off the bench now. lol ✝️

    3. Ruff Draft says:

      u da real deal. All glory to God….of course..God bless u too. u got da sight. U see da big picture. Wow

    4. Jacob Cave says:

      Ynw melly had blonde in his dreads :/

    5. gayyyyyyy al these celebrities are dumb ass no life shit on earth

    6. Cory Hall says:

      Wtf errytime a black person becomes successful yall assume they sold they soul then yall make a youtube about it yall taring black people down when yall should be building them up yall really uncle toms

    7. Ashababy O says:

      What did the mothers of the young black teens gain from their deaths? There were a few others on here that I am not sure what they gained from the “sacrifice”

    8. OhiomadeJay says:

      damn i had a blonde mohawk im apart of the illuminati face ass

    9. Illuminate and blood sacrifice they do it for fame and fortune however they have to sell their soul and do unspeakable rituals such as rape and eat day old babies. They will all burn in hell. The blond hair is how they communicate to each other to say I am down with illuminati ratiuals.

    10. Your Trippn says:

      U got no evidence behind the point of this video come on bro step the information and content up

    11. Your Trippn says:

      Why u have trayvon Martin's mom and a Mike Brown clip edit your video better

    12. txb4u says:

      What do you think about Keith and Valeria Smith? When they arrested her she has blond hair.

    13. Sacrifices to false gods.
      Christ was the ultimate sacrifice

    14. Dee1L33 says:

      Who produced the soundtrack?

    15. Much respect to you for the truth you are willing to put out to the masses NO MATTER WHAT people may think or say! It's obvious you care more about what God, the real God, thinks. May God protect, bless and direct you in all light until his return! Thank you for being a real man!!!

    16. Man what’s this beat

    17. Dasha Parker says:

      Yeah I want to tell you something about this Wiz Khalifa dude he's a witch and he's been spiritually attacking me since 2015

    18. My Name says:

      Well…Chris Brown has gone fully blonde again; and has been wearing that color throughout the years.

    19. W0w, W0w, W0w , SMDH R£ALLY jus for M0N£Y, FAM£ & fortune come Quick FATHER 😪


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