Who is the other Parkland School Shooter in “full metal garb”?


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    1. James Lewis says:

      The first interview that I saw was of a young student, a female, saying that she heard shooting from 3 different areas of the school. I also heard Stacy Lippel's first. interview where she describes the shooter coming up the stairs. She then said that the students ran to the other end of the hall, and, encountered another shooter , in similar attire, coming up those stairs. I can't find either of these videos again on You Tube. Go figure.

    2. You are asking the same questions that I have had from the beginning and it is a confusing one, because the blonde chick looks like a crisis actor ( seems fake, smiles with duper's delight) and the teacher using improper English ( why is the police here?) was very specific about the shooter's outfit & also mentioned a kind of gun she has never seen before. I saw the footage released months after the fact showing someone with a completely different body type that claimed to be Cruz yet face not visible and blurred. Very much like Las Vegas footage where the blurred faced " shooter" is filmed in what looks like an empty casino, aside from a few extras, looked completely faked & thrown together after the fact. The main difference is that the Parkland footage shows " Cruz" running around an empty school campus clearly NOT wearing any kind of bullet proof garb (and Uber footage non- existent as usual). It almost seems as if the orchestrators of this hoax read social media and take hints from comments & noticed how many have commented on how in all the fake shootings the media terrorizes us with NEVER show the supposed shooter at the actual crime scene location and how unrealistic that is in today's world where there are literally cameras EVERYWHERE yet nothing to even make the story seem believable. My guess is that David Hoggwash's father carried out the shooting (if there really even was one) because the company he works for specializes in weapons technology so that unfamiliar gun the teacher saw may be one of his company's new weapon prototypes being tested out. Regardless, the fake student actors in the drama club who insisted to the cameras that they were NOT actors ( despite the fact that all of them and that red haired kid on TV all starred as ACTORS in some school production called " Lone" ) are a complete joke with their idea that we need to disarm everyone based on this event, as if the only reason it happened was because guns are not illegal of which completely misses the point & represents the kind of views one in an emotional state of which is never a good thing. It also completely bypasses the fact that MURDER is already illegal so a criminal who plans on shooting people in a gun free zone ( also already illegal) is not going to even care if new gun restrictions are put in place & then their demands to target a completely irrelevant population's rights ( of which shall NOT be infringed) – those who actually follow laws- is downright irresponsible & irrational! As if they want us to live in an America completely defenseless & completely disarmed while only the criminals are armed. Sounds like they aren't very bright.

    3. Cross Hatch says:

      We should all know why these keep happening and will continue ,we know what's going on now , but we ain't doing anything about it ,people are so self centred these days ,then you have the percentage that know about this , wich I think is a lot of elite people ,who can manipulate ,

    4. Cross Hatch says:

      What's real scary bout all this , is the fact that ,if and I thnk it won't be long , if they put the army out on the streets , to do what ever they wanted we would be totally lost those with guns that did fight back would be overwhelmed until dead , then what happens , the way I see it the whole system is falling apart slowly but surely ,I know I can jump on my bike with my tent and shit ,and head for the highlands , I also know I can feed myself and look after my needs , it gets more appealing every passing day , that I used to want to move abroad and live ,but brexit has put a stop to any idea to that , and beilieve me living in Edinburgh is not that great ,and going solo on the highlands or the islands of Scotland gets more appealing every time I switch on the to , wich ain't often ,

    5. Crenshaw Inc says:

      Thanks for watching!
      If you’d like to support me/my channel…
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    6. Kevin Burns says:

      They are changing the narrative now with the new approach. At Parkland they were to  push the agenda that automatic guns kill more people, hence 26 victims. The public did not buy this narrative fully especially with the 'not so' grass roots "Our Lives" March planned months ahead, sponsored by George Soros and donation sites prematurely posted. Now, they are taking a slightly different approach. Shot guns only yield 10 deaths. They are killing our children. The Deep State needs to be taken down and out!

    7. Pivoted on her feet? Who talks like that?

    8. vi67 says:

      DO NOT FORGET: Suspicious Video Footage Shows Multiple Police Officers Removing Bag From Parkland, Florida High School Building During Active Shooter Event.

      Video footage taken by an unknown person shows police officers exiting a building at Stoneman Douglas High School. Some of them were carrying a large black bag and hastily loaded it into the bed of a white pickup truck.


      White truck, non police or sheriff related. Witnesses say they saw 2 to 3 gunmen dressed as “Army People.” This is obviously a hired PMC/PSC (Private Military Company/Private Security Company) fulfilling a contract. This was planned. Why do you think the Broward Sheriffs stood down (4 officers) according to Coral Springs Police officers who assisted and witnessed the 4 Broward Officers taking position outside and never going in.

      The bag looks very rigid. Could that possibly be guns they're removing?

    9. Getsen42 says:

      Wish i could speak with u Ms Crenshaw

    10. Jeff Neo says:

      Many more questions then answers….

      One of the teacher survivors said he saw the shooter wearing wearing glasses and a cap?

      The female teacher who got grazed sees a swat police guy.

      Another student girl being interviewed outside said there were three shooters and two were working opposite stairwells…

      Then the gal who said she spoke with Cruz tells us there were gun shots that could have not been Cruz. Her interview is confusing because the reporter does NOT clarify her statement. She answers the first question to the Second one he asks initially.. He should have rephrased it and clarified it.
      IE: So when you first heard shots fired were you seeing Cruz? Or did he appear at some point after shots had already been fired when you were walking with him down the hall and had your brief exchange? The follow up to her answer is more clear but still confusing. The reporter should have clarified again. Are you saying you were seeing Cruz while other shots were being fired down the hall? Etc…

      As for the Uber driver: There is certainly no way Cruz was wearing full armor gear and carrying an AR 15 in open sight as he got his ride. The question should have been asked was Cruz carrying a large duffle bag of some sort?
      And why have we not seen the Uber driver? Was he part of the operation? That would be my guess…

      Then you have the SRO stand down and four other officers on the scene also allegedly standing down while shots are fired? WHY? I agree that these are most likely the actual shooters…

      Either the so-called Uber driver is part of the operation or Cruz knew where there was a weapons stash hidden on campus… He is the set-up patsy but he is not working alone. This is a black ops event… The children were slaughtered and the rest were used as pawns to push for massive gun control..

      Occams Razor to all these anomalies – this was a false flag with crisis actors in place to drive the gun control narrative. This does not mean students and facility were not murdered. They were but this was another death squad operation like we saw in Vegas…

      The Mass Media pushed the narrative and the student walk outs and protest in DC were highly organized and coordinated- Hogg became the poster child for the NWO gun control agenda… And America became further divided on our 2nd A Liberty as the NRA and evil assault weapons were demonized..

      And now we have one Broward County Sheriff who was extremely outspoken on social media as to how this all went down suddenly dying on or around April 1st or 2nd???

      This too happened to witnesses of Las Vegas

    11. I told you in most of the videos the cops behind the shooting were are the guns was used they hiding all the evidence that prove it on the cop killer , you can see in other videos on YouTube there are a cop get in the school but why he doesn’t have camera on he’s shoulders to record what he was doing

    12. Hogg’s dad is ex fbi and he is the prime suspect

    13. Someone needs to research the whole Secret Service angle. Did they really visit the school three week prior to the shooting? What other schools, if any, did they visit in the past? This information will lead us to some real broad understanding of what is going on here.

    14. Maybe he ditched the clothes he had on to conceal himself so no one would know who he is and thats what the cops carried out in the in the bag.

    15. Buck Kilgore says:

      We need more Miss Crenshaw!!!!!
      Your the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      You shine the light!!!!!!!!
      Keep Shining!!!!!!!!!
      I thank God for you!!!!!

    16. Renee Palmer says:

      thing's are NOT alway's the way they seem ! cruz, patsy as far as i'm concerned !!

    17. june towel says:

      I'm just so glad to hear someone else say what I've been saying all along … gheese … their story sucks. . this shooting is very suspect .. something's definitely not right ..


    19. This is weird!! I have heard this as well!! I live ib Florida and i heard this in my own news medis. Sorry, i swear this is a demo movememt since they can't impeach the President!!! This a rigged deal!! I am nothing and can say what i feel If t
      You do not vote Isreal out he is a pos!! Then you need a brain check soo n!! No More Demons in Florida

    20. Here'smytake says:

      Confusion is their 'Modus Operandi'.

    21. SleelS says:

      That's why the officers outside didn't go in because they were told not to .They knew what was going on.The government is killing it's on people.

    22. It's obvious that most all of these "shootings" have been staged and people have been killed just to try and disarm America!! Why?? Because you can't take over a country that's well armed and America is really well armed, plus most of the military know whats going on and if the shit hits the fan they will be on the side of the people!! Just pray that it never comes to that because it will get ugly!!

    23. Cruz grand paw was friends with Lee Harvey Oswald, and MARTIN LIAR KING

    24. My opinion. The teacher is most likely telling the truth. The first girl was maintaining the story but putting the suspect at the scene.

    25. #1Lazer says:

      We have to ask another larger question also- If Hillary had been elected and serious gun control legislation already underway, would these recent events still have happened?

    26. No, because he had a mask on. That is why they didn't identify N.C. Kids said they saw him with a mask on. It WAS reported in the news by the police. Now whether or not you believe the police in this situation, that is another story bc something is fishy with the police AND the FBI. THE POLICE WERE THERE BC THERE WAS AN ACTIVE SHOOTING! Why is that so strange? OMG. The girl saw him AFTER bc he dropped his mask and gun! He went to 7-11. You think he took his stuff with him? LOL He had a bag with him when he got in the uber, duh. Then he got dressed outside the school, again, duh. for last question, there was a second shooter. There is a big cover up going on here. The government doesn't want anyone to know. The FBI right now are criminals, as far as I am concerned. All the top dogs need to go to jail. Pretty scary our country is falling apart. It is a sign of the end times. Better know where you are going soon.

    27. Think Hogg was actual SHOOTER & Cruz HYPNOTIZED FBI, (Daddy's buddies), PATSY! FBI visited Cruz in Sept. Said didn't have means necessary to be able to tell if he was the one who posted tweet on FB?! Seriously!?!
      Same body build, if top half covered, who could tell? Reason cops were told to WAIT for SWAT backup & why hogg's DEFENDING/PROTECTING Coward of Broward sheriff & FBI!
      Hogg has 2 separate interviews. 1.he was on other side of school, when shooting started. 2. he grabbed camera, jumped on bike & rode 3 miles BACK to school, thinking 'this can't be another school mass shooting'?! Did he sneak back in, PAST SHOOTER, just to PUSH his agenda to BAN GUNS, during his interview of other kids? Could have swore, he said it was AFTER shooting?
      Girl walked out w/Cruz, PAST COPS, NO GUN!?! It was reported he was arrested w/AR-15. Though he went to highly PUBLIC places, after shooting. & NO ONE noticed him carrying an AR-15?! Where'd Cruz stash his gear, then?

    28. dead1eye8 says:

      first off this video with this student is bullshit. if she was talking with him was he holding a gun was he shooting. if he was the one shooting then she would have been screaming and running not walking up and talking to him. so come on people if you can see the lies in this we as a society have failed the human race

    29. Kurt Homan says:

      The rifle that Cruz allegedly used, did they find it and where did they find it? Thanks!

    30. Steve Stars says:

      You have to ask one SERIOUS LOGISTIC question here. How is it that this autistic and troubled kid would KNOW that there was a DRILL going on? And that he had a "plan" to get into a SWAT bullet proof suit with a helmet WHILE all of this was going on? I think the fact that this DRILL was carried out is directly linked to what really happened and essentially eliminates Cruz as the ONLY suspect. (If he was even involved at all)

    31. Where's this Uber driver. I want to hear his side of the story. How could Cruz hide all that shit?

    32. This was planned by the Deep state these people did this for a reason to cause chaos looked at Hogs already ready to go hugs stated when he heard about the shooting he was home he grabbed his camera he drove his bike 3 miles to interview the kids and to take pictures then he forgot he said that and he said he was there this kid's a liar and a plant these were hired assassins

    33. sounds like a muslim act to kill infidels

    34. Sherrif israel must be arrested and executed!


    35. Obviously the kids and teachers saw the police officer killing those kids!

    36. Sounds like this was a distraction which explains why only 3-4 narcissistic 'kids' get the media attention. I find it strange.

    37. Sean Aden says:

      911 . Flouride in your water . We are under attack . #PEOPLESARMY

    38. Sean Aden says:

      Deep state government planned . Killers are supposed to be your protection. Las Vegas anyone

    39. Sean Aden says:

      They do this to remove your rights to panic you and take away the guns that can protect you from them doing this to you

    40. I think the blonde bimbo is lying about her story first she says people were freaking out because they think that somebody shooting a gun then while she's walking with Cruz she's jokingly telling him I think that's something that you would have done, done what? she doesn't know the situation yet she hasn't seen any Shooter's or any dead bodies. Cruz is definitely a patsy he probably wasn't even at the school that day

    41. I would say the teacher is telling the truth. I doubt If the boy they have in jail ever fired a shot. Ever time this happens seems like the police or people in uniform are deeply involved. They want are guns so bad and there so evil they kill our kids and don't think a thing about it.


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