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    1. Bahahaha!! Defense council appears to have recently defended a black client because he just slipped out an “AKS”, but then corrected himself, in his question to the judge!!! Too damn funny

    2. Mocha Pony says:

      We can hear you whispering…..

    3. Mocha Pony says:

      What an intelligent Judge. One of my favourites.
      She's is fair and makes sense.

    4. Sharron S says:

      Yes, Judge! Yes!!!! Don't let them walk all over you. It's YOUR courtroom. I hope she stays with this case.

    5. I'm sorry, but that is one ugly jailbird.

    6. judge i was getting ready to say the same thing do not yell at the judge check your voice

    7. Dale Fahey says:

      What a cesspool of corruption. He will be a boss inside the prison.

    8. jean moten says:

      And another child bites the dust, while corrupt govt official argues nonsense. Guilty! Of everything. Throw the defense atty in jail with him.

    9. Ron B says:

      What a circus! From what I can gather, the defense is contending that he dindu nuffin wrong, while the prosecution believes he didoo sumfin.

    10. jackie oman says:

      Wow what a cast of characters ! A Mayor practicing medicine without a damn license ! Then turns around and does a Trump and tries to interfere ! Well if he shot at a swat team member .more then one had to see .. So this is a crazy case

    11. jackie oman says:

      Health issues lol why do all the politicians cry about health and ability to put food on the table after they get caught in a case ? That come with every defendent lol ..Manafort tried , Stone tried and this little piss ant Mayor is trying !!

    12. WOW! This case is all over the place….

    13. j j says:

      Wow he's such a narcissistic, controlling, swivel eyed loon I've ever seen he's scary. Great judge, she gave it to the freak. He was seething she stepped to his lawyers. Then of course the health card was played! Didn't look confused to me, gave many orders and mad man stares to remind everyone who he is! Or was hopefully.

    14. Jazminne says:

      What male judges get yelled at like that? I never hear male judges talked to like children like she was. Dirty dirty corrupt politicians! Glad his bond was revoked!!!

    15. How many hearings can a defendant have?

    16. Kimmarie D. says:

      Wow. This guy is a piece of work and the acting Mayor Rowe is an absolute idiot. Walked himself right into the center of a criminal case and now he gets his own ass arrested. Good Lord the stupidity runs deep. Pretty soon they are gonna have to look at pre schoolers to run the city. May just work out better for them 😳

    17. Geeeez!!crime does not discriminate does it..no matter their career

    18. *INFO*

      On Thursday, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office announced Massad is facing new charges after a recorded phone call he made to Rowe from jail.

      On March 3, Massad called Rowe from a jail phone around 10:48 p.m., according to an affidavit from the sheriff’s office.

      Massad told Rowe he believed a Port Richey police officer was hired, fired and re-hired illegally, the affidavit stated.

      “I don’t know why but he is in on everything,” Massad said in the call, referring to his own arrest.

      Rowe replied he is “on it,” according to the affidavit.

      “OK, so anything you can do is good,” Massad said.

      “You know, this doesn’t go down without somebody answering for it,” Rowe replied.

      Massad faces additional charges of conspiracy to obstruction of justice and the use of a two-way communication device to facilitate the commission of a crime, according to the sheriff’s office.

      **Just weeks after Port Richey’s mayor was arrested, the man serving as acting mayor was taken into custody and the former mayor is facing new charges, according to reports.

      Terrence Rowe, 64, was Port Richey’s vice mayor, but recently became acting mayor following the arrest of Mayor Dale Massad last month, according to WFLA News Channel 8.

      Rowe was arrested Wednesday and faces charges of obstruction of justice, conspiring to commit obstruction and unlawful use of a two-way communication device, jail records show.

      The Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents received information Rowe was conspiring to interfere with an ongoing investigation, according to ABC Action News.
      “This is a big piece of the former case which is still active and ongoing,” FDLE special Agent Mark Brutnell told FOX13. “What I can say about this is if you’re not a witness or a subject of any criminal investigation please don’t inject or insert yourself into one.”

      Attorney General Ashley Moody’s Office will handle the prosecution, Spectrum Bay News 9 reported.

      Rowe has been released from jail on a $15,000 bond.

      Rowe’s arrest comes less than three weeks after Port Richey’s former mayor’s arrest on Feb. 21.

      Massad was arrested after firing at SWAT team members who were at his home to serve a search warrant, according to the Miami Herald. Massad, 68, was under investigation for practicing medicine without a license.

      FDLE investigators believe Massad had patients come to his home for treatments and procedures. He voluntarily surrendered his license in 1992 after a 3-year-old patient died, the Miami Herald reported.

      SOURCE: The State


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