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    1. Dona P says:

      OMG do they really want to argue if she died from the fall or if it was hypothermia? If she was dead and she could or could not have also suffered hypothermia. Give me break! Let's test it out of one of you defense lawyers who can talk so casually about throwing this 5 year old little girl off a bridge. I have no words, I can't wrap my mind around this! It's even hard to think someone could hold his child out of the car and just casually toss her over the edge! :-((((

    2. jean moten says:

      Defense lady. Are those questions relevant. The baby's dead. Go look over the bridge and see for yourself why that fall caused the death. The baby was 5 yrs old. Omg! I can't.

    3. Thank you LadyJ,you are on top of all these proceedings.I hope your feeling better..God Bless you ❤️🙏Seems like he wants to serve time in a mental hospital instead of a prison..Mental Illness is a major's used for more than not when parents murder their families..If he was indeed mentally ill why was he even caring for his daughter?!idk I haven't heard what the circumstances reasonable,loving,caring,parent,person would do what he did..The Defense Attorney is grabbing whatever she can to make it easier on him..

    4. Kimmarie D. says:

      I will personally be surprised if this case makes it to trial this year. He will manage to have a sudden set back where he is once again deemed incompetent to stand trial. That’s just my opinion and I hope I’m wrong because this trial does need to happen. This has gone on way too long.

    5. JimsPal says:

      Let's test his psychopathy while dangling him upside down over a 60 story bridge….

    6. R SR says:

      Thank you Lady for bring us these hearings. Hope you are feeling well. Spring is right around the corner!💖🌹🌻🌼🍀🍃🌷🌾

    7. R SR says:

      Just like in the Anyia Day trial it all should come in. So stop trying to deny justice for Phoebe Ms defense attorney.
      They said all that matters is whether he was insane or not… incorrect the state has to prove murder, this woman ran her mouth for 30 minutes just goung around & around
      And they want to limit the TRUTH about what Phoebe died from??

    8. It does matter how he relates to others, especially how he related to his daughter the day he threw her off the bridge!

    9. nancy rauch says:

      This defense lawyer likes to hear herself talk !  She's talking about nonsense…The truth is this guy wants to go back to the mental hospital and NOT prison…H.e  wouldn't survive in prison…the coward….other prisoners would find out he killed his own 5 yr. old child…..HE IS NOT INSANE !  🙁

    10. jackie oman says:

      Damn this man is a con man !! Planned it all even the inanity defence ! According to what I've read !!

    11. moda78z says:

      Lady, you’re on a roll! Thank you for all your uploads!
      Although I don’t often comment, I always like. 😘😘

    12. David Haney says:

      holy mother of god , shut the hell up woman .

    13. Stop with the bull 💩 defense !! 🙄🙄


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