#TheKennekaDeception:Kenneka Jenkin’s other sister was right in front of our faces all the time!!!!!


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1 year ago

  • You can ask my former partner I told her that girl at the radio station with momma T, was not Leonore, the only problem, is, there may be two lLeonore’s. Or is this Kenneka Jenkins real sister and the other is just a Fake, acting a crisis roleTo much and the rabbit hole is getting deep like Huggies says.Im at a lost for words, this one slipped by me………………. it not significant to the false flag, it’s a monkey wrench, that can and will be eventually removed.Was she at Mommas T’s birthday party look for her[Trivia question]So if you have any extra info on this sister drop it in the comments.Shout out to Paradioox Repoirt for this subscribe to her and register at #potfstube

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    1. Lady Ice says:

      Kenneka looks like her other sister that is never on the media’s eye.


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