#FSA:5th grade teacher tells students to come up with good reasons to join the KKK, gets suspended

I have a saying for these fake thugs in my area acting like ballers, I tell them “you guys drive foreign cars and have your kids in public School”, ofcourse their to ignorant to understand the coorelation, so let me translate it. You care more about how you travel then what is in your babies heads.

Now I say to these mothers, with closets full of weaves, you get imported fake hair and have kids in ppublic school, do you need me to translate that to. Why these kids grow up and dont have respect for no one, because they pparents spend their whole enitre lives trying to look fresh, instead of thinking fresh.

Any way Fake Pro Balcks, are fake because no matter what they claim this racist society do to them, they wake up the next day and let them do it again, because they, are not about shid, but spreading devision and praising the state, not one for the fools can tell you what a state is, their PARENTS SENT THEIR DUMB AZZES TO FREE SCHOOL TO.