#Potfs4Women:Who is Monifa Shelton and did she work in the kitchen at the Crown Plaza we believe so, and was she really arrrested, no!

The only reason we believe she workined in the kitchen for the hotel is because of her back ground in Mc Donalds, people normally move up to resteraunt kitchens, again this is all speculation, based on fact.

Now to her arrest, we found no proof it other than, website reporting it. The fact they claimed Jedidiah bailed her, confirms the guys is agent, and all those peopel working with him are agents, perhaps.

Because we can nto find a mug shot or police report with her name on it, when is hse due back in court, or any thing.

Like we already explained, they usually arrest peoepl working for them to giver them an excuse to be gone, and to build trust, with the people they are attempting, to infiltrate.

She may be under witness protection, but not by RoseMont police, then by who?

Remember they claimed she was going to commit suicide, so perhaps, they fake suicide was out, next fake arrest, and that is why no one ever expects to see her again? Momma Terressa not even interested in asking her any thing, but why not, fear?

Fake Police statement put out sounds bogus no one ever witness it opn paper


Please dont forget the whole scheme, is to keep peoepl thinking Kenneka some how killed her self, when she did not look she even put out a rumor she dared every one to go in the freezer before they left the party, again to leave a alibi why and how they got the boy down there, like we would believe Kenneka would really go down there with strangers.

Thia is what we believe happened, every thing else is covering this up

The Motive behind the betrayal………………..