#SMS:Single Mother Debrina Scott left her infant in the store she was shop lifting attempting to get away

Now ask your self what is such an attractive yougn woman doing shop lifting, and what is she doing leaving her baby behind. The baby almost got hit by a car, that is that natural shelfishness in bad people.

Let me ask does this qualify her as a bad mother, or can you relate?

Who know what she weas stealing for? Se was stealing so she could be fresh on social, media take useless selfies, and watch tons of guys says she is hot. But she is not interested in none of them who knows why? It is because she does not want to be taken, she is addicted to being admired.

She will groew old in jail, and alone, andby the time she get out she will be so old, she will be invisible to society. That son will be grown, and realize what she really is and was.

These woman do not want iabny man interested in them, because they are not even interested in themselves.